The Apostasy Gambit

Prologue (part one)


Deathwatch Killteam Gladius are inserted into the war zone on the planet Cindar to rescue a group of missing Acolytes under the command of Inquisitor Mercius Kane.

Deathwatch Killteam Gladius are inserted via drop-pod from the ship Praesidium into the war zone on the planet Cindar to rescue a group of missing Acolytes under the command of Inquisitor Mercius Kane.

Initially landing off target thanks to Brother Corteza’s poor piloting and a barrage of anti-air fire from a ground-based battery, the killteam fended off a rebel patrol and advanced double time towards their objective; the Palace of the Planetary Governor.

Along the way, the killteam encountered a rebel platoon of the 158th Skorn Grenadiers complete with Chimera APCs, combat walkers armed with advanced plasma weapons, snipers and even a Leman Russ battletank! The Killteam, under command of squad-leader Brother-Sergeant Decius engaged the enemy using an orbital cannon strike from the Praesidium and managed to rout the entire platoon. The combat was furious and nearly fatal for a few members of the killteam, but the Astartes emerged victorius.

Of particular note were the actions of the following Space Marines;

  • Brother Apothecary Gwytheryn- leapt from a window into a Skorn squad, felling many traitor guardsmen with his claymore with a Sacris war cry on his lips. After the battle, Gwytheryn’s expert first aid allowed the squad to get back to their feet and move on.
  • Brother Corteza- rode an elevator ‘sans-elevator’ before epitomising his chapter’s name as ‘Angels of Death’ by bravely leaping off a 10m high building before eviscerating an entire squadron with his chainsword. He then followed by taking out the Leman Russ using a beautifully-placed krak grenade aided by his faith in the Emperor and Sanguinius.
  • Brother D’Shawn- cooly walked through the intense plasma and rocket attacks of two combat walkers while preening the enemy mech apart with precise shots from his meltagun. Truly a promethean son of Nocturne!
  • Brother Lexicanium Abdiel- went mano-a-mano with a combat walker in melee while ignoring the focussed barrage of a Skorn squad. After impaling the walker’s pilot with his force sword and frying his brain, Abdiel turned and blew the rest of the squad apart with his smite.
  • Brother Sergeant Decius- keeping a cool head and the principles of the Codex Astartes in his mind, Decius led the killteam to victory as squad-leader. Well-practiced bolter drills allowed the team to close with the enemy and Decius’ own bolter felled many a rebel. Decius took the full brunt of the Leman Russ’ weapons for several rounds, providing Brother Corteza with the distraction he needed to fell the beast.

    After the battle, the killteam briefly rested so they could reload and Brother Gwytheryn could mend their wounds before moving on further into the city of Castellon to complete their mission.
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