The Apostasy Gambit

Prologue (part two)

The Governor's Palace

Killteam Gladius continue their assault on the Governor’s Palace in Castellon and eventually reach their objective.

Following Gwytheryn’s excellent sense of direction (and advanced waypoint indicators in his helmet display), Killteam Gladius navigated through the maze-like warrens of the habs they found themselves in, eventually riding an elevator to the top of a nearby building.

Exiting the building the Killteam emerged on a balcony running around and connecting the building to others. Ahead of them was a the Governor’s Palace- their objective. The palace was separated from the hab blocks by a 400m plus drop to the city below, with only a 5m wide monorail bridge spanning the gap.

Left with little choice, Brother-Sergeant Decius gave the order for the squad to advance across the bridge at double time, taking heavy fire from an entrenched Skorn platoon on the wall and strafing runs from Cindar Air Force (CAF) fighters. Brother D’Shawn remained at the hab blocks to rescue a bunch of civilians who had been trapped in a fire caused by all the fighting. Using his innate resistance to flames, he smashed an escape route through the building and lead them all to safety.

Meanwhile at the wall, Gwytheryn was first through the breach calling out in combat cant the locations of several targets within the Palace courtyard;

  • A large Skorn platoon accompanied by combat walkers were engaged with loyalist Imperial Guard of the Mortressan 501st Scythewind- the regiment that the Killteam were supposed to be linking up with.
  • The Skorn platoon guarding the wall
  • A smaller Skorn squad was heading south away from the battle apparently to reinforce a different part of the battle, but the squad was led by an Imperial Fists Space Marine!

    Corteza was close behind Gwytheryn, sprinting past his battle brother and up onto the walls, tearing into the Skorn platoon there, killing over half the men stationed there and scattering the other half as they fled along the wall to escape the Blood Angel’s wrath.

    Decius called down a weapon drop from the Praesidium as he ended the courtyard, picking up the Heavy Bolter from the drop pod, he span and opened fire on the CAF fighters, taking them both out in a well-aimed burst of fire.

    Abdiel was next through the breach, by this point the Imperial Fist had noticed the Killteam and had spun around, declaring the squad ‘traitors’ and hitting Gwytheryn and Abdiel with his bolter. Abdiel calmly strode forward alongside Gwytheryn and tried to counsel their supposed brother but when he opened fire, Abdel returned with a psychic smite- smashing the Imperial Fist to the ground, killing most of the Skorn nearby but also harming Gwytheryn.

    At the back of the group, D’Shawn had finished rescuing the civilians and was sprinting across the bridge to catch up when the last CAF fighter strafed him with autocannon fire. Without even looking, D’Shawn calmly tracked the fighter with his meltagun, waiting for the optimum moment before pulling the trigger and obliterating the machine.

    Corteza had finished the last of the Skorn on the wall and decided to leap down and help the Mortressans with the larger platoon which had now engaged in melee. Just how Corteza liked it. He dispatched one of the combat walkers with three decisive shots from his plasma pistol without even breaking stride and continued on into the Skorn troops, chains word swinging about him in great bloody arcs.

    Gwytheryn and Abdiel both charged the Imperial Fist and engaged him in melee, landing telling blows on his head and chest respectively. The Fist attacked back, slamming his Chapter’s trademark weapon- the power fist into the ground and the wall but the Deathwatch marines were too quick for the slow weapon.

    Eventually Abdiel’s force sword found a weak point. Channelling all his warp-fuelled might into the blade, Abdiel struck the Imperial Fist down. Behind him, Decius had trained his heavy bolter on the last remaining combat walker, blowing it apart and unloading the last remaining shots in the burst into the crowd of enemy troops.

    With their leader down and 5 angry Space Marines to contend with, the surviving Skorn troops broke and fled away from the Palace. The deathwatch regrouped to mend their wounds under Gwytheryn’s watchful eye (he also recovered the gene seed of the Imperial Fist warrior they slew) and Decius discussed tactics with the Mortressan Captain. Corteza and Abdiel investigated the body of Brother Cromwell, the Imperial Fist Devastator Sergeant. Abdiel learned some important revelations and Corteza claimed a new golden yellow power fist.

    Quickly re-focussing on the mission, Decius got the squad to their feet and hustled into the palace itself. A vox operator from the Mortressan command squad had picked up the signal of one of the Acolytes they were sent to find. It was weak due to the signal-blocking nature of the metals in the mountain, suggesting that they were deep underground.

    The Killteam sprinted through the tunnels with a terrified vox-operator in tow as they tracked the signal.

    They eventually opened up into a huge vaulted chamber filled with racks of sports equipment and deactivated machinery. The signal led to this room. Gwytheryn spotted a bloody mass of human tissue connected to a tracking device which was emanating the signal. It appeared that they were too late.

    The trail had gone cold…
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