The Apostasy Gambit

The Arrest of Sybas Moran

Cell Ω9 Arrest and question Sybas Moran along with several other suspects


Summary of Key Information gained during this session:
• Zane Moran and Dr. Mortimer are members of the Logicians and were grooming Sybas for membership.
• Zane Moran and Dr. Mortimer are now on the planet Cindar in the Malfian Sub-sector planning a ‘big Logician event’.
• Zane was able to send Sybas xenos (particularly Eldar) weaponry from the ‘vaults’ as a bribe to join.
• The Tantalus Combine are shipping supplies to the Logician effort on Cindar
• The Tantalus Combine were knowingly providing a front for the Churgeon’s heresies in the Coscarla Division but there are other ‘labs’ still in operation.
• Sybas used the services of ‘Razael’ to get his ships off-world without the authorities knowing.
• Sybas planned to be on the next shipment himself so he could join Zane and Mortimer.
• ‘Chord’ Luntz can get the acolytes in touch with Razael.

Thanks to information gained by Ishta & Dieter, cell Ω9 were able to track Sybas Moran down to a disused family holding in the upper spire of Hive Sibellus. Aided by a contingent of the Scintillan Protectorate led by Captain Scutese, the cell were able to enter the manor complex through the old chapel windows after rappelling from a hovering Valkyrie air transport.

Disused Moran ManorInside they met resistance from hired mercenaries and a gun servitor which were quickly dispatched before they moved into the menagerie area to confront Moran himself.

Lazarus took a heavy beating from Moran’s xenos pistols but managed to keep his cool long enough to bluff Moran into attempting to flee, which resulted in him tripping up and knocking himself out cold.

Later in the interrogation rooms, the team questioned Sybas Moran, Helena DuPoînt (her legal team finally broken by Inquisitor Kane) and ‘Chord’ Luntz. Thanks to a great team effort (in particular Lazarus and Krell’s “good cop/worse cop” routine, Able’s matter of fact description of Moran’s fate and Ishta’s supernatural charm with men), the three suspects spilled a great deal of information.

+ + + Channel: Cell Ω9 Public+ + +

Going in through the window of the Chapel
Able: We move as quickly as possible, clear one room at a time completely then move on. You see anyone with a gun take them down fast. Anyone unarmed keep an eye on them but keep moving. We don’t need to worry about raising an alarm, that’s going to happen, but the further inside we get before it does the better.
Lazarus goes first, attaches himself to rope and smashes the glass with his hammer. Swings into the window, lands on his face amidst the shattered stained glass.
Ishta lands gracefully next to him, unclips herself and Lazarus.
Two guards at the other end of the chapel, plus a huge servitor
Able swings in, unclips and takes a shot but the Altar takes the strength out of it.
Ishta takes a shot at the other guard, does no damage.
Krell opens fire while still hanging from the rope with his grenade launcher, but it misses, damages the back wall but little else.
Lazarus (to Ishta): Thank you lady! Sometimes my zeal for the Emperor outdoes my talent.
Lazarus reaches for his hammer, looks around the chapel and is outraged by the state of it. As shots start flying…
Lazarus: Sweet Russ’ arse!
Starts crawling forward into cover.
Servitor opens fire, a storm of bullets destroys the rest of the window, but doesn’t hit us.
Pilot: Krell! get off the hook i need to leave!
Guard: ‘Chapel, chapel contact at the chapel’
guard opens fire at Krell with his shotgun, misses.

Able tries to spot a weakspot on the servitor but fails, so just with instinct. Las shot bounces off the armour.
Krell swings in and lands safely.
Lazarus peeks over the bench, sees the heretic scum defiling the chapel, starts edging his way up along the benches towards them.
Possibly some stuff missing here, recording went a bit glitchy
Krell takes two hits from the servitor.
Guard fires through the bench at Lazarus with his shotgun. Hits him in the face. It hurts.
Two more guards with lasguns burst through the door, shouting to the ones already there;
Guards: “get to cover, we’ll take them out!”

Scintillan Protectorate attacks!Huge explosion, massive amount of lasgun fire, friendly troops have arrived. Hear a heavy gun opening up.
Krell strolls up the aisle, firing his grenade launcher over the altar, hits ALL the guards and the servitor. One of the guards manages to dive sideways out from behind the altar.
Ishta fires semi auto at the guard who dived out of cover, kills him.
Lazarus, still smiling, despite the faceful of buckshot, laughs joyfully when he sees Ishta take down the guard. Stands up and moves round the altar to attack the closest guard, crushes him with the banhammer.
Servitor opens fire at Krell again, bullets ricocheting off everything around him but none hit.
Lasgun guards see Lazarus destroying their friend, open fire at him, one hits in the chest

Able, already spent some time aiming, puts a lasblast straight through one of the guards eye.
Krell, still walking up the aisle, switches effortlessly from his launcher to the shotgun, takes a shot at the Servitor but misses, and the shotgun jams.
Lazarus (to dead guy): Hah! that’s what you get, heretic scum!
Lazarus sees the servitor shooting at Krell, swings at it and breaks its leg. The gun, still firing as the servitor falls swings around wildly and blows the last guard to pieces.
Servitor fires erratically from the ground, manages to hit Lazarus.

Able realise the guards are down, sprints to the end of the chapel towards the mansion to check the corridor. shouts to Lazarus to finish the servitor off.
Krell moves up to the downed servitor and takes a shot with the naval pistol, which jams too.
Ishta is trying to unjam her gun, unsuccessfully
Lazarus tries to finish off the servitor, but misses. Misses the huge lumbering thing that is lying on the ground pretty much motionless. With a hammer the size of a person.
Servitor opens fire, lazarus dodges.

Able takes aim at the operator of the Heavy bolter, misses.
Captain Scutese (over the Vox): “Any word on Moran? Any sign of him?”
Able: “Nothing so far. We’ve only just made it through the Chapel, we’ve encountered more resistance than we were expecting”
Lazarus, once again fails to hit a downed target. Lazarus needs to practice hitting inanimate objects.
Able: “Cpt Scutese, I’ve drawn the fire of that heavy bolter. See if you can use the time to push your advantage”
Krell briefly considers stabbing the “serveetor” with his knife, but decides against it and shoots it with his “peestol” (Trowel, the enemy of the vowel). Misses. From point blank range.
Lazarus: “See? Not that easy is it?”

We hear over the vox the order for the troops to charge, some of them make it inside.

Ishta finally gets her gun unjammed
Lazarus finally hits the servitor, hurts its leg a bit, it keeps firing.
Random shots hit Krell in the leg but he shrugs it off.

Able brushes himself off after dodging a hail of heavy bolter fire, leans around the corner and takes a shot at the operator, blows his head wide open. The bolter falls silent.
Krell misses again.
Ishta runs up to the servitor. sticks the boltgun in its face and takes a shot at point blank. The boltgun jams…( doesn’t Jam Token spent)
Lazarus finally makes a decent swing at the servitor and finishes it off.
Able: “Are you lot finished playing around yet?! We’ve got a job to do!”

Lazarus and Krell notice a corpse that they hadn’t seen before lying on a side altar. It’s a robed priest with his arm torn off at the elbow, blood everywhere. Krell finds a small prayerbook clutched in his other hand. As Lazarus flicks through he finds notes and comments pointing out inconsistencies, someone has been questioning the contents.

Suddenly we hear loud gunfire and the glass in the ceiling shatters and falls down. Ishta and Krell run for cover, Lazarus is still reading, Able dives forward into the corridor. As he comes up he sees a new guard has taken up position on the heavy bolter.
Ishta goes to check the corridor to the menagerie. As she tries the door she notices too late that the handle is hot, and the door blows open with a gout of smoke. The corridor beyond is burning, and smoke obscures the other end. The walls are made of ornate wood, portraits of the Moran family line the corridor.
Lazarus pockets the little book of Heresy, moves to what he hopes is cover from the bolter.
Able takes aim and headshots the new gunner. He can see people in the window across the way banging on the window, the top floor of the main building is on fire.
Able: “Captain Scutese, there are civillians trapped in the fire. Consider it a secondary priority”
Lazarus: “Captain Scutese! You get those civilians! They’re innocent imperial lives, you save them, we’ll deal with the rest!”
Able sees a squad of 10 troops mustering across the corridor, is still keeping an eye on the heavy bolter, rifle pointed at where someone’s head will be if they try to operate it. Turns to Lazarus
Able: “Brother Lazarus, turn your radio off transmit immeditately, that’s an order. This is a millitary operation, I can’t have my squad countering me over official channels. We’re here for the heretics.
Lazarus begrudgingly complies “Very well”
Able (over vox): “Captain Scutese, my earlier order stands. We’re here for the heretic, civillians are secondary priority”. (off vox): “Gentlemen we’ve got incoming. Krell, up front. Ishta, see if you can find us a better way into the mansion”
Krell moves forward while continuing to unjam his shotgun.
Scutese (over vox): “Yeah, sure. We think Moran might be in the menagerie, we’ve searched the bottom level of this place, one of the civillians said Moran started the fires when he learned we were coming and fled to the menagerie with his collection”
Able: “Copy that Captain, we’ll check the menagerie, continue your search of the mansion. I’m not going to trust the word of a civillian, I want every room cleared”

Ishta heads into the menagerie, Lazarus follows.
A new operator pops up to the heavy bolter, Able takes him down instantly.
As Ishta and Lazarus move down the corridor they see a big cupboard pushed against a door.
Krell comes down after them and lifts it out the way. When they open door it’s a little broom cupboard with a terrified maid inside. She makes the sign of the Aquila,
Maid: “no! emperor! emperor!”
Krell lifts her out and points her to the chapel.
Lazarus, filled with the exuberance of battle bursts through the door at the end of the corridor.
Able, figuring that a third guard is going to think twice about taking control of the heavy bolter after seeing two headless bodies lying next to it packs up his rifle and runs for the menagerie.
Able sees Lazarus kicking down the door
Able:“Lazarus! Hold back!”

The door crashes open, Lazarus can see a huge glass domed room with hundreds of exotic birds circling around the ceiling. Sybus Moran stands at the center holding the leashes of three vicious looking dog-like things and an exotic looking pistol. He releases them and draws a second pistol.
Moran: “You can’t take me on! I’m a master of pistol combat!”
Lazarus, seeing the hounds: “Dorn’s balls!”
The first hound reaches Lazarus and clamps hold of his arm with powerful jaws
Able: “Everyone fall back to the corridor, bottleneck them in the entrance”
Krell takes a shot at one of the hounds as it charges but misses. The hound attacks him, but he manages to dodge.
Moran: “Good one Fluffy! Hah!”
He fires a salvo of tiny metal shards at Lazarus which rattle off the wall behind him

Xenos hounds

Able takes a shot at the hound attacking Krell, but misses.
Able: “Lazarus! Get into the corridor!”
Krell draws his pistol and blasts a large chunk of flesh off the hound attacking him
Ishta pauses to take careful aim at Moran.
Lazarus, one arm still locked in the jaws of the hound, draws his stub pistol and shoots it in the face.
Moran fires with each pistol, Lazarus dodges one of the shards, but gets hit by another and a bolt of blue energy from the second pistol. It burns the armour off his leg and knocks him to the ground gasping for air.

Able calls to Krell to get Lazarus into the corridor, takes a shot at the hound attacking Lazarus, but misses.
Krell takes a step back from the hound, draws his shotgun and blasts it to a red goop.
Lazarus, lying on the ground, takes a shot with his stub pistol and kills the hound stood over him
Moran: “Noo! You bastards, Do you know how much those cost me!?”
He fires a salvo towards the doorway, hits Krell in the arm.

Able shoots the last hound in the face, and Krell finishes it off with his shotgun.
Lazarus crawls back into the corridor
Able: “Moran! Surrender! You’re wanted for questioning! I can assure your safety!”
Moran: “Under whose authority?”
Able: “The authority of the Inquisition”
Moran: “Oh… That authority… You’re not Inquisitors, you’re just… thugs, you’re with the protectorate”
Able: “we come under their authority, this entire force was sent here under orders from Inquisitor Mercius Kane. You’re to surrender immediately for questioning”
Krell hears Moran whispering to himself: “Shit, shit shit shit shit. Zane’s going to kill me”
Moran (sounding terrified): “You’ll never take me alive!”
Lazarus (loudly): “Team Alpha, prepare for orbital bombardment. He’s not coming willingly.”
We hear terrified whimpering, followed by a crash as Moran trips over himself in panic.
Able: “Move! Don’t let him hurt himself!”
Able moves to the doorway to check on Lazarus.
Krell makes it up to the top of the hill to find Moran has knocked himself out. He bags the guns and handcuffs him.

As soon as Moran is secured Able puts a call through to Cpt Scutese letting him know they have him, and to secure the civilians.
Lazarus, hearing this, approves.
Krell, searching Moran finds 300 crowns, and confiscates them as evidence before Ishta can get there.
When searching the Chapel, we find a trapdoor underneath the dead priest. Lazarus performs the last rites etc.
When we go down through the trapdoor we find a cellar FULL of loot. from normal weapons right through to weird xeno stuff.
Able is about to give the order to bag it all as evidence, but sees a beautiful long las and shuts up.
Able: This is all…um… It seems the emperor favours us! Obviously he wanted us to find this. Anything remotely xenos we run past Kane. I don’t want to be in the field under his command using weapons he hasn’t sanctioned.

(See Session 1 Evidence for details of lewts)

Here we get our first look at ‘A Logical Discourse’, the heretical treatise of the Logicians. Lazarus is incensed as he reads it.
Krell is carefully bagging everything that might be considered evidence.
We also find a dataslate, Able gives the order to deliver it to command without attempting to decode it, lest we trigger some sort of defences. He then notices Lazarus looking mighty peeved.
Able: Brother Lazarus, you seem troubled.
Lazarus doesnt even notice him speak, Able puts his hand over the pages.
Able: Brother, we walk in the halls of heresy. Don’t allow yourself to get too deeply sucked into it.
Lazarus, almost on the verge of tears, slams the book shut and throws it to the floor.
Lazarus: This is beyond heresy, brother.
Able picks it up at arms length and calls for Krell to bag it.
Krell puts a note with the holy artefacts that they are to be sent to Lazarus’ chapel if they are confirmed to be real.

Back at the base/ship?
Helena DuPoint and Sybus Moran in custody.
Sand patches up all our wounds.
Able calls through to Krell, tells him to keep an eye on Lazarus, as they’re both in the infirmiry together. Lazarus is reading /the nice book/ as the shredded armour is being ripped off his skin.
Krell: I’ve got a list of things i’m going to ask for permission to remove from the evidence, the normal weapons, imperial weapons, they shouldn’t need to go through any xenos checks
Able: Anything like that go through the usual channels. We do everything by the book.

Lazarus stands up from the infirmary bed and starts walking towards the holding cells. Krell follows close behind. When they reach the cells Krell grabs him by the collar and pushes him up against the wall.
Krell: “You can’t do this. Not this way. You can’t let your anger control you”
Lazarus: “You didn’t read it brother! You didn’t read the heresy! This man is filth,he’s beyond chaos! This is a new heresy, nothing i’ve ever come across, he must die.”
Krell: “We need his information. This is beyond your call.”
Down the corridor a couple of guards have noticed the disturbance and are looking towards them.
Lazarus: “No one else should suffer this heresy. I alone must bear this, I will end this now. You burn the book, I will burn him.”
Krell: “You cannot do this. We do not know how many copies, we do not know how many more contacts, we do not know how to find them.”
Lazarus: “More…”
Lazarus reels back at the idea. Puts a hand on Krells shoulder
Lazarus: “We must gather them all up, we must make a fire the Emperor will see! do not look at it yourself brother. Promise me you won’t!”
Krell: “Eye on the goal, brother. Eye on the goal.”

Ishta has been reading the slate we picked up.
She presents the information, /link/, We agree to have Chord Luntz brought in for questioning regarding Razael and the heretical shipments that have been moving around through the Tantalus Combine.
Lazarus tries to get hold of the copy of ‘A Logical Discourse’ to study it, but Sand has already had it put to the fire. He approaches Able to convice him to try to get hold of a copy, desperate to know what the rest of it contained
Lazarus: “We need to know what we’re dealing with here. I got five pages in and I want to kill somebody. Get me that book”
Able: Brother Lazarus, rest. You’re wounded, you need your sleep. I’ll have a word with Sand, don’t worry about it for now.
Lazarus: “We need to know what’s in that book”

As soon as Lazarus leaves Able heads straight to Moran’s cell, Krell follows at a distance. Lazarus heads back to his quarters.
Able walks into the cell alone and unarmed.
Able: I’m not here to interrogate you, I’m not going to try any clever tricks. You’re in the hands of the inquisition I’m pretty sure you know what that means. Your borother and Mortimer have been delcared hereticus. They will be executed when we find them, there’s no question of that. The only person you need to worry about is yourself. The only person you can save is yourself. either you talk now or I leave, and Brother Lazarus, the one with the hammer, will come and talk to you. After he’s had a few words we’ll send in the excrutiators. You’re heard of those I’m sure, so it’s really in your interests to talk to me.”
Moran breaks down and pisses his fancy pants.
“He… I… He, he said he would help me! I didnt do anything it was.. it was just for fun! I didnt really do anything! I didnt see anything, i… I didn’t..”
Able: “What does the word ‘Logician’ mean to you?”
Moran: “I don’t know, what…”
Able: “because we found a book under your chapel…”
Moran: “The book? It was sent to me! It was ?Carell?, Carell sent it to me, I didn’t read it!”
Able: Who’s Carell?
Moran: “Just, um, a guy I know. No-one”
Able: “We know where your brother and Mortimer are…”
Moran: “Where? where did they go?”
Able: “I’m sure you already know that”.
Moran: “Shit, you know…”
Able: “We also know about the shipment”
Moran: What shipment? It was just supplies! it was food and clothes.
Able: “When is it taking off?”
Moran: It… sighs There’s already been a few shipments…”
Able: “When is the next one?”
Moran: Tomorrow
Able: “What’s on board?”
Moran: “I don’t know. Supplies, gear, you know?”
Able: “We know. I’m pretty sure you know”
Moran: “How did you know?”
Able: “That’s none of your concern”
Moran: “Okay, I… I was just told to put them in the cargo bay and deliver them to Cindar…”
Able: “Them?”
Moran: “Yeah, there’s like, six, seven, maybe ten”
Able: “Very well, when’s it leaving?”
Moran: “Twelve, local time”
Able: “Very well, I’ll make sure my friends don’t visit you tonight, and i’ll come back with more questions tomorrow. Until then…”
Moran: “Please, you can’t just kill me! I’m a loyal son of the Emperor, I’m a member of House Moran! a devoted follower!”
Able: “You’ll be kept alive… tonight. If the shipment isn’t as you’ve described it, I can’t really say”
Able walks out.

We are summoned to one of the main briefing rooms. We arrive to find inquisitor Kane sat there.
Kane: “We’ve broken the lawyers for DuPoint. We told them that they would be counted as heretics as well, they left fairly swiftly. Your team should be the ones to interrogate her first.”
Kane stands up and goes to walk out. Lazarus calls out
Lazarus: “Lord Inquisitor…”
Kane stops. Lazarus falls to his knees before him
Lazarus: “… that heresy, there can’t be a word of truth in it”
Kane puts his hand on his shoulder
Kane: “We are the thin line that protects the teeming masses of humanity. Sometimes we must come into contact with this kind of material. It’s your job to be strong.”
Lazarus feels a wave of calm run through him, starts crying.
Lazarus: “Forgive me, I was not strong enough for this mission you gave me. Forgive me.”
Kane: “We must all do our duty Lazarus. Let this be the last time you fail”
On the way out, Able whispers to Lazarus as he passes him
Able: “You may feel you failed yourself, but you didn’t fail your team”

Ishta and Able go to interrogate DuPoint. Ishta goes to sit down at the desk, Able stands in the corner cleaning his nails with a bigass combat knife, his inquisitorial seal showing plainly over his coat.
DuPoint: “Where are my lawyers? I’m not supposed to say anything to you”
Ishta: “Your lawyers are gone”
DuPoint: “No they’re not”
Ishta knocks on the door and is passed a document signed by the lawyers basically saying “Yes we are”
DuPoint: “They can’t leave me!”
Ishta: “You’re being investigated by the Inquisition Ordo Xenos. Lawyers do not matter.
DuPoint: “I haven’t.. I havent done…”
Ishta: “Then tell us what you have done”
DuPoint: “I don’t know why I’m here!”
Ishta: “You’re the personal assistant of Dr Mortimer who is clearly a Heretical individual”
DuPoint: “He’s not a heretic, he’s a doctor! He’s a good man.”
Ishta: “We have documentation proving his heresies. There’s nothing against you at the moment, but he is clearly a heretic, and we need to know what he’s doing”
DuPoint’s initial story is that Mortimer was training her to be his PA, and she knew nothing about his plans. But as Ishta works her charms she admits she was sleeping with Mortimer to further her career, and that she was using her talents a networking for make new contacts for him, Luntz among them.
Able: “Luntz… Ishta, isn’t that the heretic we just brought in for questioning? So far you’ve admitted to consorting with heretics. Interesting…”
DuPoint: “I… I didn’t know he was a heretic! I was just doing a favour for Mortimer, that’s all.”
Able: “Mortimer, also a known heretic. Interesting.”
DuPoint: “I’m not a heretic!”
Able: “I’m just saying you hang around with some interesting people”
Ishta: “Do you know what the drugs were?”
DuPoint: “No, well, there was some obscura, the normal stuff, and there was some special brew some lab had made.”
Ishta: “Special brew?”
DuPoint: “Yeah, I never tried it myself, I heard some of the kids loved it”
Ishta: “Do you know where it might be?”
DuPoint: “I used to smuggle it in books, they used to make me cut out certain pages of holy books to keep it in”
Able: “Where is Mortimer now?”
DuPoint: “I don’t know”
Able: “Where is Mortimer”
Ishta: “Are you sure you don’t know where he is?”
DuPoint tells them that she never had direct contact with Moran, she met with a man in black armour, using the code phrase ‘echoes of the past reforged’, that he was a member of ‘the Crucible’

Krell and Lazarus have gone to ‘speak to’ Moran.
As soon as they walk in Lazarus slams his head against the table so hard he bounces back into his chair. Moran screams in pain and starts whimpering pleas for mercy.
Krell stands calmly in the corner of the room
Moran: “He… he said I could live for tonight! He said…”
Lazarus grabs him by the throat
Lazarus: “Well, that gives me three hours, brother”
Moran: “Why are you doing this to me, I don’t know anything! I told you everything I know already!”
Krell decides to go for bad cop-bad cop. Breaks Moran’s kneecap. Moran screams for a good long while. Lazarus looks around in surprise.
Krell: “Sorry, I thought you were lying. Can you try again please?”
Moran breaks, tells them that his brother was trying to get him to joing the Logicians.
Lazarus: “If he was trying to get you to join there must be an entry route. I want that route.
Moran: “I don’t know! he told me to come to Cindar”
Lazarus, right up in Morna’s face: “Where on Cindar?”
Moran: “Castellon, the capital!”
Lazarus: “That’s not good enough, that’s a large area for..”
Moran: “He’s going to meet me at the spaceport, he didn’t tell me where to go”
Lazarus: “There must have been better than that”
Lazarus grabs his head and dislocates his jaw
Lazarus: You’re just going to show up at a spaceport in the capital of a major world?”
Moran (probably barely distinguishable): “He knows the flight I’m going to be on!”
Lazarus: “What flight?”
Moran: “I told the man earlier, it’s leaving at midnight tomorrow!”
Lazarus: “From where?”
Moran: “I don’t know! I was going to meet Razael tomorrow”
Lazarus: “From. Where”
Moran: (in tears) “I don’t know, I was going to go to the spaceport, Razael was going to meet me there.
Moran gives the name of a ship, the ‘Illustrious sailor’
Lazarus slams him against the table and walks out.
Krell sits down and goes over the details about the weapons and other items in the collection. The weapons have all come from the Logicians armoury on Cindar.
Lazarus calls in from the corridor: “Krell, remember to take his hand, he’s touched xenos weapons.”
Moran: “No!”

Cut back to DuPoint
Ishta: “Look, I can tell you love Mortimer, but he’s hung you out to dry. You’re going to be executed for heresy if you don’t help us here.
DuPoint: “It’s not true! he does love me!” etc etc
Apparently Mortimer told her he was leaving for a planet called Cindar, and that the Logicians were planning something big there, that he was going to oversee it. She wasn’t to join him as it would be too dangerous. And when he was done he would send her his next destination so she could join him there and live happily ever after.

Before long, Luntz is brought in.
Outside his cell, Lazarus is calming himself with his cigarettes.
Lazarus: “I want in on this”
Able stops outside the door, hold his hand up to Krell and Lazarus
Able: “Let Ishta take this one. Alone.”
Ishta heads in.
Luntz: “Hello! now it’s getting real! Hello baby! You want to come sit on my lap? I got a big surprise for you here.”
Ishta goes to sit on his lap. Luntz pulls her knife and hold it to her throat.
Luntz: “Who’s the inquisitor? I want to talk now, bitch!”
Ishta: “Ooh, you like it kinky then do you?”
Able stops the others from bursting in. Krell is right at the door, shotgun in hand
Luntz: “So is someone going to tell me what the fuck i’m doing here or what?”
Ishta: “you don’t know what you’re doing here?”
Luntz: “I told you to shut your mouth or I’m going to cut you”
Ishta: “You know you don’t want to do that”
Lazarus: (to Able) “Sir, permission to enter the field”
Able: “As soon as Ishta shows any sign of distress we go in”
Ishta is sliding her hand down Luntz’s trousers
Ishta: “We could get familiar”
Luntz: “With your boys watching? is that how you live it?”
Ishta: “I like it every way”
Luntz: “Get someone important in here to talk business”
Ishta: “I can talk business”
Luntz is starting to get complacent, his guard is dropping.
Sand appears at the end of the corridor. Able walks up to him
: “interrogator Sand, we’ve got the interrogation well under control, we’ve got our best agent on it”
Sand, trying to look past him: “I heard there was some commotion. What’s going on?”
Able: “There’s nothing wrong, trust me”
Sand pushes Able to one side, Lazarus steps up
Lazarus: “Interrogator Sand! Ah, Brother! Superb to see you!”
Sand: “Brother? You will call me Sir, and you’ll get out of my way”
Lazarus: “…”
Sand pushes past them to the monitors to see Ishta and Luntz entwined, a knife on the floor, chatting amicably.
Sand: “What in the Holy throne is this?”
Able: “Sir, he’s putty in our hands”
Krell passes the audio feed to Sand
Krell: “give it five minutes, she’ll have everything”
Sand is taken aback, listens to Luntz’s confession. Luntz agrees to get us on the shipment tomorrow night.

Final note: Kane asks us to keep the demonica book secret, doesn’t want our discovery of it to be made official.



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