The Apostasy Gambit

Aboard the Illustrious Sailor (part 1)

Cell Ω9 go undercover aboard the Illustrious Sailor as they travel incognito to Cindar

Summary of Key Information gained during this session:

  • The Illustrious Sailor is a ship owned by the Tantalus Combine to make deliveries.
  • These deliveries usually take them across the Calixis Sector but recently have been plying the Scintilla-Cindar route almost exclusively.
  • This voyage is the last one scheduled to Cindar however.

    Using ‘Chord’ Luntz’s in, the Acolytes don disguises and board the ship Illustrious Sailor (a ship owned by Sybas Moran’s Tantalus Combine) as ratings.

    During the voyage, the acolytes interact with the various crew on the ship and begin to have suspicions about certain people.

    + + + Channel: Cell Ω9 Public+ + +

    Going through the loot from the Moran mansion.
    Able takes the rifle and successfully requisitions the tau pistol. Enoch then pulls rank and takes it off him. Bastard. Able then takes the boltpistol to replace it.
    Ishta gets the ermine robe, the chrono/auspex and 2 vials of spook. She also manages to get the boltgun shell relic and cruorian beast hide cloak which she passes to Lazarus
    The clay brick, supposedly of Terra, is determined to be a fake.
    Krell takes the Nalwood hilt laspistol and the sword.
    The Eldar and Dark Eldar weapons are deemed too heretical for use in the field, and are left in the vaults of the Inquisition.

    During the pre-mission briefing +++REDACTED+++

    Meeting Luntz
    We arrive at the designated place, a large vehicle pulls up and Luntz appears wearing a black overcoat and a wide brimmed hat, a shotgun over his shoulder.
    Luntz: “Gentlemen, my Lady” (he winks at Ishta)
    He realises he’s seen Able, Krell and Lazarus before
    Luntz: “Holy shit, it’s you guys! They hired you for this as well”
    Able: “Something like that, yeah”
    Luntz: “You realise who you’re working for don’t you, with this one? (indicating Ishta)
    Able pulls his inquisitorial seal out from his coat and puts it on display, Luntz whistles, impressed.”
    Luntz: “Now it’s all making sense. Well at least my past shit’s been pardoned, so you’ve got nothing on me now. Anyway!”
    Able: “By the way, I never got a chance to thank you for the weaponry”
    Luntz: “Well, you know, doing my part for the Emperor. The ship’s leaving in ten minutes, you ready? Right. Your good friend Mr Kane has told me which ship you’re to be boarding…”
    Able: “That’s Inquisitor Kane to you”
    Luntz: “…That’s a word you probably don’t want to use around these parts if you get my meaning. So Mr Kane has said that the ship you’re going to be going on is in need of a few new crewmembers, if you get my meaning. So you’re going to be the ones stepping up to fill the gap. Hope you know what you’re doing. OF course, you can’t take weapons on board so..
    He opens the trunk of the vehicle. There are five tied up people and five huge trunks of their luggage. We put our guns and other gear into the trunks and don the rating gear.
    Enoch: “You steal my weapon I will end you”
    Luntz: “I’m not touching it boy! it’s going on the ship”
    Enoch: “Good”
    Ishta keeps her Auspex, Krell keeps a knife.
    Luntz hands us our IDs, and we head to the ship.

    Walking up the gangplank a huge man holding a machete and a shotgun yells to us from the top.
    Bosun: “Come on! Hurry! You’re late!”
    We job to the top, flashing our IDs as we go.
    Once inside, the bosun finds us
    Bosun: “My name is ???? I’m the bosun for this voyage, that means I’m the boss, I’m your god for the duration of this voyage. Understood?”
    Able: “Yes god”
    Bosun (pauses): “…Good”
    Lazarus is already getting enraged at this minor heresy.
    Lazarus (quietly): “There is only one god”
    Able punches him.
    Bosun: “Hey, no fighting”
    He takes us to our bunkroom, then leaves.
    Enoch: “Did anyone else want to kill him where he stood for comparing himself to our Lord Emperor?”
    Krell & Lazarus: “Yep”
    Able: “We’re on a ship, get used to it. We’re the lowest of the low. Don’t give anyone any shit or we won’t make it there. Just keep yourselves to yourselves, get on with your job, do exactly what they tell you to do precisely how they tell you to do it, don’t draw attention to yourselves”

    A Klaxon sounds and an intercom message tells us to report to the bridge.
    A man in very ornate gear stands at the front of the room with the bosun.
    Captain: “Wow, up here before 2 minutes is up. Maybe we’re not going to die on this bucket. Anyway, some new faces at the back there. Front and center”
    He beckons us up to the front.
    Enoch (enthusiastically): “Captain!”
    Captain: “Alright, less of that, you dick”
    Enoch : “Sir, yes sir!”
    Captain: “Right, we’ve got a few positions that need filling. Most importantly, can any of you cook?”
    Able sniggers, points to Lazarus: “He’s got plenty of experience with exotic meals”
    Lazarus (to Able): “You’ll feed us for at least a week, brother”
    Captain: “Great! The galley is down that way. Gunner Locke(?) will show you the way”
    Locke: “There…There’s 422 steps to the galley, I’ll show you!”
    He leads Lazarus off.
    Captain: “I read from your applications that you’ve all been on a ship before, what specialties have you got?”
    Able throws out some ship cant he learned in the Navy to try to get into comms
    Captain: “Well, your terms are a bit out of date but i guess you know the basics. Why dont you go with Shieldsman Vladimir here, he’ll teach you the basics”
    Krell: “I’ve worked security before”
    Captain: “Good, in that case enforcer Rosabelle(?) needs a new enforcer for the aft of the ship”
    He points her out, she nods to Krell.
    He asks what Ishta can do.
    Ishta: “You don’t pay me enough for that”
    The crew cheer
    Captain: “Ridiculous!”
    He turns to Enoch.
    Captain: Anyway, what can you do?
    Enoch :I’m good with guns and defensive strategems
    Captain: Strategems? fuck me, a book learner eh. sounds like you and Corvin can get cosy up in the cockpit. You’re co-pilot.
    He points to a man with blond hair, a pink shirt. Enoch walks up, slaps him roundly on the shoulder
    Corvin: “Oh, yes, hi!, um, Enoch is it? Hi Enoch, good to meet you. My name’s Corvin, I’m the pilot.”
    Captain (to Ishta):Looks like you’re with Javier and Bathilda(?).
    Bathilda: “We’re going to be friends! another girl to talk to, yay!”

    Lazarus enters the galley, gets the chefs hat on.
    Lazarus: “So boy, what do we have to cook with?”
    Locke: “I don’t know, I’m a gunner. The food is over there and the tools are in that box. The captain likes the barbeque sauce”
    Lazarus starts up the grill, starts cooking some unnamed protein. Sniffs it,
    “I can see why he likes the sauce”
    Keeps putting barbeque sauce on until it smells good.

    Able head to the shield room with the potentiall insane Vladimir.
    Vladimir: “Comrade! You’ll be good friend comrade!”
    Grabs Able by the scruff of the neck and takes him to his HQ
    Able recognises some of the machinery
    Vladimir: “We need to wait for the shield to come online, but we need to start warming up the Gellar field. Would you mind turning that on over there?”
    Able recongises the field controls as the exact same model as on the ‘Wrath of Drusus’, he knows exactly how it works. Fires it up with no problems.
    Vladimir: “Very good! You’re good at this yes?”
    Able: I’ve hada little experience
    Vladimir: Time for vodka!
    He passes a bottle across the table. It’s not vodka.

    Enoch is in the cockpit. Corvin plays some seductive music. Bow-chicka-bow-wow.
    Corvin: “So, any experience with joysticks before?”
    He gestures at the co-pilot seat next to him. Enoch sits.
    Corvin: “So, do you want me to pass over the controls? want to have a little fly of this baby? We’re just going in a straight line”
    Enoch: “I’ve never really flown a ship this big. In fact I’ve only flown a shuttle. I did ask to be put on gun placement. He took ‘strategem’ as me knowing big fancy words when actually I just know how to defend stuff”
    Corvin: “Yeah the captain’s not the cleverest of men, he gets intimidated by intellegence to be honest. But he’s a nice enough man. Not to worry, I’ll show you what to do.”
    He leans over and holds enoughs hands on the stick. Shows him the basic controls.
    Enoch doesn’t really get the hang of it very quickly, the ship shakes and shudders as it leaves port. Corvin takes the controls back.
    Corvin: “Tell you what, why don’t I fly for now, you can try again later”

    Enforcer Rosabelle is complaining to Krell about the rest of the crew
    Rosabelle: “These sons of bitches, these dock scum. They come on the ship and they walk around the halls at night, they drink and they gamble and they game and they just ruin the whole atmosphere. This is a professional industry we work in here and its up to us to make sure that doesnt happen. What kind of experience have you got? You said you’ve worked security before, we’re talking what, private security?”
    Krell: “Private security, yeah, casinos, bars that kind of stuff”
    Rosabelle: “You know exactly the kind of shit going on then, you know how to keep it down.So, good, i think we’ll get along well. What was your name, sorry?”
    Krell: “Navith”
    She shows him the ropes, asks him to take starboard, while she checks port that evening.

    Ishta’s first job is to check for rats. She strategically charms her way into not doing much, but has a chance to take a good look around. There is a door at the end that they don’t enter.

    While Krell is checking the corridors that evening a drunken man accosts him. puts his hand on his shoulder
    Drunk: “Hey! It’s the new boy! How you doing?”
    Krell (hesitantly): “I’m… alright thanks”
    Drunk: “That Rosabelle’s a bitch isn’t she? I bet she’d give it a good go! haha”
    He stumbles off down the corridor back to his bunk.
    Krell, seeing him going to the bunk carries on with his rounds

    Lazarus spends a good few hours praying to the small shrine in the kitchen.

    Towards the end of the day the ship translates into the warp. the crew gathers to pray to the emperor for guidance and safety. Lazarus steps up to say a few rites.

    The next day Lazarus cooks up a passable round of facon butties for the crew. At the end of the day he approaches Locke
    Lazarus: “Ah, brother, thank you for showing me out here the other day. Seemed like you were really into the work. A hundred and fourty steps, fantastic! Obviously you know the ship inside out. I’ve got a friend who came onboard, fantastic in your line of work, he’s been misassigned, wasted where he is, wasted. You guys would love him!”
    Locke: “Well, seeing as we’re in the warp now we don’t even need one pilot let alone two. I’ll speak to the captain”
    Lazarus tries to give him a second butty
    Locke: “That’s one more bacon butty than I’mn allowed. That’s double the number of bacon butties I’m allowed each day.”
    Lazarus: “Well said brother”
    Lock looks relieved.

    Able spends the day telling Vladimir stories about his days in the Imperial Navy, but Vladimir tires of him and wants him to get on with his job. About halfway through the day Able asks
    Able: “Have you got any more of that… ‘vodka’?”
    Vladimir laughs
    Vladimir: “Ah yes comrade, I do!”
    He walks off and doesn’t come back

    The captain comes to find Enoch.
    Captain: “Enoch, it appears we have two pilots where we only really need one, and apparently we only need one. And apparently you’re not very good at it…”
    Enoch: “No. I did try and say I was a gunner”
    Captain: “That’s fine, I understand, I understand. Well what we could really do with to be honest with you is an assistant for the.. well… (whispers) those two”
    He points at the astropaths door.
    Captain: “They need food, and, you know, waste removed… They can’t really do much while they’re in that state. We kinda need you to go in there, with that (points to the food) and take ‘that’ out during the day. There’s the food, there are some fresh robes, and there’s the sponge bath. Let me know when you’re done.”
    Enforcer Rosabelle is standing by the door
    Rosabelle: “You ready?”
    She puts her hand on the door, makes the sign of the Aquila
    Enoch: “Yeah. Sure”
    She lets him in. Enoch takes great care not to look at the exposed warp. As he comes in the navigator whispers
    Navigator: “On the desk”
    His eyes are clenched shut with blood running down his face from them. His third eye wide open and glowing.
    Navigator: “on the desk, on the right. Hurry!”
    There’s a bucket with his ‘leavings’
    Enoch: “Man, you’ve got to sit in here with that?”
    Navigator: “Just take it away! you’re ruining my concentration!”
    Enoch: “Sure”

    Next he goes to see the Astropath. Knocks on the door:
    Astropath: “Come in!”
    The room is filled from cveiling to floor with random crap, boots, spoons, etc. He’s trying to fit a toy soldier into a small box, badly.
    Enoch: “Do you need a hand there?”
    Astropath: “Yes, yes, put this..”
    Hands Enoch the box. Enoch quickly solves the ‘puzzle’, puts the soldier in the box.
    Astropath: “You’ve done it! Genius! You got him in the box!”
    Enoch: “Why was he out of the box?”
    Astropath: “Who knows? You… have the touch of it. I can see!”
    Enoch: “I’m glad I’m not that guy (idicating the Navigator). That doesn’t look fun”
    Astropath: “Do you… know about your talents? they never said they were hiring another psyker. You’re not here to replace me are you? Stay away! I’ll knife you!”
    He threatens Enoch with a fork
    Enoch: “Ah don’t worry dude, you can keep your job. I’m a gunner”
    Astropath: “…is there food? (takes it) okay, you can leave now”
    Enoch: “Enjoy your food,you crazy bastard. So… Where are we going?”
    Astropath: “Cindar”
    Enoch: “Where in Cindar?”
    Astropath: “I’ve had no requests for messages to be sent, so we havent changed our course.
    Enoch: how long is it going to take? I didnt get any of this from the brief.
    Astropath: between 2 to 4 weeks depending on how that one does (in
    Enoch: how many journeys have you done
    Astropath (whispers): “Dozens”
    Enoch: does it make you go a bit…
    Astropath: …The warp boy!
    Enoch: Yeah, i guess it does. Enjoy your day. And your food.

    Enoch spends the rest of the day trying to teach Corvin to gamble as none of the others will speak to him.

    Krell spends his day following the rules, being a bit of a stick in the mud, and as such the crew don’t really warm to him. He does get a chance to speak to Gunner Halk (?), the drunk he bumped into the night before
    Halk: Sorry about that last night, sorry for beig a dick.
    Krell: You’re all good man, you’re all good.
    In the course of the conversation Krell finds out that hes been on the ship for about 5 years, they used to travel all over the sector, but the last few years have been mostly to and from Scintilla, but the last few months have been Scintilla to Cindar exclusively. Apparently he took a peek at the Captain’s calendar and this is the last trip scheduled for the ship.

    Ishta manages to seduce the captain in order to avoid doing any more work. She also gets the chance to plug the auspex into the ship’s computers.

    We had a conversation outside about our discussion at the end of the day that I can’t remember and didn’t get recorded. Can anyone fill in the gaps?

    At the end of his shift with Vladimir able asks
    Able: “You ever… you ever fire a rifle?”
    Vladimir: “…Yis”
    Able: “You any good?”
    Vladimir: “Yis”
    Able: “Fancy a… challenge?”
    Vladimir: “A challenge? Tell me more”
    Able:“i bet you one bottle of vodka to 20 crowns you can beat me a in a shooting contest
    Vladimir: “But comrade, we have no guns”
    Able: “theres gotta be a gun somewhere on this ship”
    Vladimir: “the captain has a pistol, there are shotguns in the armoury, but no real guns.”
    Able: “Shotguns are boring. No one else has a pistol? No one’s ever sneaked one on board?”
    Vladimir: “aaah, you’re asking the wrong man! Vladimir, he’s a good boy.He does not look for trouble.”
    Able: “if Vladimir ever fancies 30 crowns, come talk to me”

    The captain is talking to Ishta
    Captain: “So where are you from? What brings you to this job. You’re not the average rating”
    Ishta: “I grew up in hive Tarsus so ships were my life”
    Captain: “I bet you were down in the (cool?), a girl like you”
    Ishta: “ not most of it, unfortunately”
    Captain: “ You had a hard working life then”
    Ishta: “Most of my time, yeah.”
    Captain: “I’m going to be dining in my cabin with some of the officers, why don’t you join us?
    Ishta: “That would be lovely”
    Captain: “Good , see you at 8”
    He points to the ships clock on the wall and walks off.

    Lazarus is watching the tech priest suspiciously. Locke appears.
    Locke: “The captain needs another meal he says you need to come cook it now. he’s dining with the officers and he wants some barbeque”
    Lazarus scrapes the remains of the barbeque sauce from the packet, makes up the rest with various condiments, whips up whatever he can manage and delivers it to the Captain’s quarters. When he arrives he sees the captain, the techpriest, the bosun and Ishta. The captain is all over Ishta, already a little drunk.
    L: “Captain I hope you enjoy it, I made it especially for you with what I had left. Im sure it’ll be fine. (he looks at the tech priest) Brother, is there anything I can prepare for you?”
    T looks up
    “eh… uh, thats fine”
    he goes back to his dataslate
    Lazarus examines the techpriest, notices that he’s got far fewer cybernetics than normal.

    Ishta talks to the captain. Finds out that the last 2 trips have consisted of pretty much just guards from an imperial guard regiment.

    Lazarus has a good old gripe to Krell about the Tech priest when he walks past the galley on his rounds.
    Krell: “Look, the Imperium and the ships that fly between them wouldnt run without the techpriests. You have to take it on the chin, brother. The Imperium, as the Emperor intended, would not function without their help.”
    Lazarus: “Well then why is he a secret? it’s been two days and we’ve barely seen him. Why wasn’t he at the meeting? Why doesn’t he eat with the rest of the crew? What the hell? Where did this clown come from?”
    Krell: “That is of a different kind of interest, and one we should pursue. A bit more quietly and less entusiastically.”
    Lazarus gets the hint.

    Over the next week Lazarus keeps his ears to the ground, trying to find out more about the crew and the ship.
    Able spends his time with Vladimir, drinking ‘vodka’ and building cameraderie (comeraderie? ho ho), under the logic that if a guy gives you moonshine day one he’s obviously not running things by the book, so if anyone’s going to know what’s going on on the ship it’ll be him.
    Krell keeps his mind on the job, keeping Rosabelle happy and scoping out the cargo bay.
    Ishta continues ‘pumping’ the captain for information, searches his office and quarters for more info.
    Enoch pops in to chat with Corvin, asks if he can get a simulation to train him how to fly the bigger ships. Corvin suggests he chat to the tech priest to get something like that programmed.

    During the week we all gain a bit of information from our interactions with the crew:
    - The crew are talking about Javier, one of the ratings, and his freakish height. Javier is void born
    - Bethilda (?) is heard talking to an empty engine room
    - Corvin was apparently kicked out of the Navy on his homeworld for being too promiscuous with the rest of the crew. It’s thought that this is going to get him in trouble as his behavious doesnt seem to have changed (Able suggests that Enoch uses this angle to get information from him. Ishta tells him to “take one for the team”)
    - Krell sees Vladimir poring over a tech manual in the shield room, looking troubled and desperate.
    - Ishta finds the Bosun devoutly praying to the Emperor. He shoos her away, clearly annoyed
    - The Astropath is seen taking a brief break from his duties, carrying an armful of steel balls. “The Emperors balls. These are the key to the map!”
    - Enoch runs into the Captain, who hurriedly ushers him away from the area they meet, showing him the ships garden.
    - Vladimir approaches Able, telling him that if he can get a gun he’ll take him up on the challenge, and to meet him later. He assures Able that it will remain between the two of them, reminds him that they will both be in big trouble if they’re found out”

    Lazarus asks Enoch to take him to the garden
    Enoch: “Judging by what the last few meals, my friend, i think we could do with some extra taste.
    Lazarus laughs
    “I’ll be honest, I’m no chef, but I make do. You don’t want to know what was in that last stew”
    “Hopefully not the same as the last one”
    Lazarus: (laughs): “Just don’t ask about Ensign Lynch”
    Krell (to Able): “Your friend, your comrade, does he make use of many tech manuals while he’s doing his job?”
    Able: He’s got some filed away on a shelf but he pretty much knows what he’s doing.”
    K: “Because I just saw him struggle and break open a tech manual. He looked like he was close to throwing his toys out of the pram, not being able to…”
    A: “Vladimir?”
    “Yeah, Vladimir, in the shield room. Black tech book”
    “When was this?”
    “On my shift today. He was talking to himself in some language I’ve never heard, and the book was in some other language.”
    Able: “How did you describe it?”
    Krell describes the book, and which machine Vladimir was fiddling with. It sounds like the machine that generates power to the Gellar field.
    Ishta suggests that Able talk to the tech priest to get him to check it out.
    Ishta: “I do not want this ship blowing up while I’m on it. If that’s failing and this idiot can’t fix it let’s get the techpriest in to fix it!”
    Able: “I’ll have a look at it tomorrow, if anything looks out of place I’ll have a word with the techpriest”
    Ishta: “And you know how much about shield generators? Get the techpriest in to go and fix it”
    Able: “I will do. It’s not going to be so bad that it’s going to fail tomorrow.”
    Ishta: “I’m not going to die in the middle of the warp! Get it fixed!”
    Able: “Listen, I know Vladimir. He’s confident, but he’s not a complete bloody idiot”
    Ishta: “You said he was a drunk!”
    Able: “That doesn’t make him a bad person…”

    Lazarus speaks to Krell about Javier and Bethilda. Krell promises to look into them.

    Ishta and Krell plan to head to the cargo bay to get some gear and check out the mysterious locked room the next night. Able requests that they get his rifle and hide it somewhere accessible. Ishta and Krell convince him to just take a pistol.
    Able checks the shield room for anything unusual but doesn’t find anything.
    Enoch goes to see the techpriest, finds him in the engine room busy as hell. He eventually looks round and is startled to see Enoch.
    Techpriest: “Ah!. I didn’t see you there”
    Enoch: “Sorry, I was, uh, engrossed with watching you work. You work very delicately.”
    Techpriest: “Yes, it’s also very secret, so what can I do for you?”
    Enoch: “Corvin said you could set up some flight sims for me”
    Techpriest: “Flight sims? the captain doesn’t like the flight sims being on. Why do you need them?”
    Enoch: “Oh you know, I’ve never flown a ship this big before, and if I’m going to be copilot you probably want me not crashing when we get out the other side, so it might be useful to learn”
    Techpriest thinks for a second
    Techpriest: “Fine, I’ll write you a quick program. Tomorrow? can I bring it tomorrow?”
    “Well, you seem very busy right now, would there be a more convenient time, maybe when you’ve got a bit of downtime where you could set these things up? I don’t want to disturb your work”
    Techpriest: “I’ll see what I can do”
    Enoch: “Thank you very much”
    The techpriest puts his hand out awkwardly
    Techpriest: “Krieger”
    Enoch recognises that this is somewhat unusual behaviour for a techpriest
    Enoch: : “You seem a little more… sociable than some of your brothers.
    Techpriest: “Sometimes they get a little too caught up in talking to the machines and they forget what the machines are here for. To serve us.
    Enoch: “What happened to you? you don’t seem very augmented, you seem very human”
    Techpriest: “All techpriests are human. Some decide to increase their connection to the machine spirit in more physical ways. I connect more in a… spiritual way”
    Enoch: “I see. Kreiger, it was very nice to meet you, I’ll leave you to your work”

    Ishta and Krell easily gain access to the cargo hold with Krell’s security pass. Ishta finds a way to bypass the security feeds temporarily.
    Ishta goes straight for the crew cargo area for the weapons, takes a laspistol and her compact pistol.
    Krell can’t get into the secret room, but finds a way to look inside using the monitors. He never gets a chance to tell us what’s inside…

    When Enoch goes to check on the Navigator he finds him with all three eyes wide open, staring wildly at nothing.
    Navigator: “It’s happening!”
    Enoch: “What’s happening?”
    Navigator: “It’s happening now!”
    Then Enoch feels it too…

    Suddenly a very loud Klaxon echoes throughout the ship.
    “Warning. Warp breach. Warning. Warp breach. All crew to security bunker”
    There’s the sound of an engine dying

    Enoch grabs the Navigator
    Enoch: What’s happening? How can we stop it?”
    Navigator: (whispers): “The Gellar field is down. We’re all dead”
    Enoch: “Why? We’re not dead yet”
    Navigator: “Emperor save us! We’re all going to die!”
    Enoch slaps him round the face
    Enoch: “Pull yourself together!”
    Navigator(whimpering): “It’s too late! it’s too late! We’re all dead!”

    Able, upon hearing the alarms, instantly runs straight to the techpriest.

    Enoch gets onto the internal communications
    Enoch: “Krieger! Krieger! The field is down!
    No response
    Enoch: “The Gellar field is down, Krieger! Oi! Hey! Listen!”
    Theres no response, instead Enouch hears the voice of his mother singing him to sleep when he was a newborn baby. He slams the communicator down and goes through his mantras to fend off the madness.
    He tries for the communicator again, but the line is dead, so he runs to find Krieger.

    The whole crew hears a tapping at the hull echoing through the entire ship.

    Lazarus, Krell and Ishta are all running for the bunker, Lazarus, cleaver still in hand is chanting prayers and litanies as he runs. Ishta is doing the same, but with less praying, more pleading.

    We all, simultaneously, hear a mad cackling. A figure appears in front of all of us, turns towards us and we notice it’s got no face, blood is spraying all over the walls.

    Enoch tries to shout to Able “It doesn’t exist!”, but Able falls unconscious with terror.

    Lazarus, Ishta and Krell get caught in a ‘lag’ loop, Krell freaks out a bit.

    Able has woken up, and he and Enoch reach the engine room to find Krieger lying on the floor, a bullet wound in his head and a pistol in his hand. Enoch grabs Able
    Enoch: “You have to find your friend, you have to find Vladimir. He’s the only one that can fix this now”
    As they turn to leave the room a freakish looking creature has appeared in the corridor beyond.

    Lazarus, Ishta and Krell finally reach the bunker. As they do, and the door opens, a similar creature is waiting inside…
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