The Apostasy Gambit

Naval Docks (part one)

The Acolytes infiltrate Castellon's Naval Docks to investigate the Skorn with interesting results...

Summary of Key Information gained during this session:

  • There are three regiments of Imperial Guard stationed in Castellon’s Naval Docks: The 158th Skorn Grenadiers, the 110th Cadian and the 25th Farset Lancers.
  • The 110th Cadian have mostly moved on from Cindar.
  • The 110th Cadian and 25th Farset think of the Skorn as ‘uptight’ and ‘preachy’ although they are all jealous of the new ‘toys’ they have been given to play with.
  • Commissar Forbes is the Naval Docks chief disciplinary officer and is noted as being a ‘hard ass’.
  • Octus’ contact ‘Folorn’ is interested in the information hidden within the Naval Base. He is willing to help the acolytes by providing sniper cover as they infiltrate the complex. He says he is ‘looking for someone’.
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