The Apostasy Gambit

Session 7: Krell

Crippling Weight

Krell’s mind fragmented under the questions and self-doubt.
The days since the barely held together debacle at the docks had found the arbitrator between the bedside of his friend and the chapel, grappling with the predicaments he had wrapped himself up in.
He hated the politics, the not knowing who to trust. Many restless hours had seen him fidget and toy with the brass communicator and a spot on the back of his neck.
His usual distractions only heightened his discomfort with his team
His mission leader singled out and kept in the dark by Hawke.
Gunshots and bullets ricocheted about his mind with an agonising crescendo whilst using the firing range
Taking what little trust Able had left for granted.
The weights and exercises pulled, strained and tore at his recovering body.
For leaving Ishta unsupported
Dates and names slipped fruitlessly passed him, head bent uselessly over case files.
For abandoning Lazarus, mission be damned.
Prayers and oaths, drilled in since induction to the Arbites, fragmented.



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