The Apostasy Gambit

The Great Dam Debacle

The Acolytes make incredibly good time on their abseil down the Castellon dam

Summary of Key Information gained during this session:

  • Gravity is indeed working on Cindar
  • The Acolytes cannot climb for shit

    The Actolyes gathered in a nearby cafe in the Dressic district of Castellon in order to discuss a few things away from Octus and his prying eyes.

    Eventually the Acolytes proceeded to follow their main clue in the investigation so far; the mines. Enoch’s tracking device has shown that the Skorn are moving troops in transport trucks to and from the mines under the city.

    Agreeing to meet up with Folorn, the Acolytes climbed to the top of the dam overlooking the entrance to the mine and began to abseil down to reach a venting grate which Folorn guaranteed would lead straight into the mine and past the Skorn barricade.

    Things did not exactly go to plan however. Lazarus, Enoch and Krell all failed to activate their climbing harnesses correctly and all plummeted to the earth. Lazarus was saved by sheer luck (he maintains the will of the Emperor) and landed next to Folorn on the platform. Enoch managed to use the power of the warp to pull himself onto the platform (and obscuring all nearby vision in inky-blackness for a minute or so) but Krell was not so lucky. Missing the platform altogether, he impacted off the dam scaffolding and spiralled away out of control, eventually plowing through a roof in a puff of plaster and splinters.

    Able refused to follow suit and instead turned tail and ran back into the city, hailing Frags and attempting to organise a pick-up for the critically injured Krell.

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    Dat summary…

    The Great Dam Debacle

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