The Apostasy Gambit

Session 8: Krell

Pride Goeth

Krell forced his breathing under control.
As he clambered over the rail after Brother Lazarus, he realised he could not ignore the dark abyss below him. This was not made any more inviting through his helmets low-light vision, giving him a glorious rockrete view of the dam.
Whilst testing how well and secure his lines anchor was with his weight, Krell thought this was a good time to put to practice what he had learnt that afternoon in the mess hall.
What was it?
Thumb on the rope-lock release, depress trigger.
The sharp descent scared the bejeezus out of him
Not wanting to waste time and slow down the mission, Krell refused to ease up the pace, futilely struggling to back peddle and bounce away from protrusions.
It wasn’t long before the rate of descent outpaced his abilities.
His feet now being somewhat higher than his shoulders and still back pedaling at a terrific rate as his hands failed to obey the frantic screaming of his head.
That’s when he looked down.
His body tensed, petrified.
His sweat covered knuckles turned white as they clamped shut.
His rate of descent increased exponentially. His control of the situation did not, and he was sent tumbling down the dam front.
Krell desperately willed his eyes to unfasten themselves.
Instantly regretting the decision as a prone Lazarus was passed in a sickening short space of time.
Not wanting to become a curb pizza Krell prayed for his body to respond as sense and willpower failed him. Kicking and thrusting violently he desperately attempted to pendulum himself away from the dam before he met the floor
Another barely restrained roar of pain and terror, another bounce, and one last kick
A brief moment of relief passed through Krell as his trajectory sent him into some rooftops
Replaced very suddenly with pain and then darkness
Battered eyelids struggled to open through a nauseating hate filled cloud of agony.
Krell decided he was not comfortable body lying sideways with his head twisted upwards.
Not allowing his body a chance to take stock of the situation incase it vetoed his decisions again, he wrestled himself onto knees with his hands clutching gun and his necklace bearing the Aquila
Thats when his luck finally gave
Something small and spear like, possibly a broken rib from breaking through the roof, was somewhere it shouldn’t be.
With the feeling of a small warm river pooling into his belly, Krell took a firing position out of a nearby window, raised his team over the comms and reported his location.



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