Brother Lexicanium Abdiel


Deathwatch Librarian


Dark angels liveryBrother-Lexicanium Abdiel is a Librarian (Lexicanium) of the Dark Angels Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes. Like all of his brothers Abdiel is dark and brooding, yet Abdiel possesses a rare quality in a Dark Angel; charisma. He is a skilled psyker and has earned the rankf of Lexicanium. Through his mastery of the warp Abdiel is able to smite his foes and wield a mighty force sword in combat. Abdiel’s power armour is terrifying to behold- carved with fiery promises of pain and suffering to those who defy the Emperor, the armour’s motive systems growl like a bound daemon when Abidel moves, adding to his intimidating stature. Abdiel wears the traditional Dark Angels robes over his armour.

Brother Lexicanium Abdiel

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