Dariel 'Able' Cruze


Classification: Male Human Marine (Guardsman) Rank: 5 Penal legionairre)
Role: Sniper
Background: Void Born
Details: Lanky (1.65m 55kg), 23 years old, fair skin (bluish tinge), ginger hair, green eyes, left handed (backwards like the warp), long fingers
Tarot: "Do not ask why you serve, only how”
XP Spent: 3200 | XP Remaining: 25

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
34 54++ 35+ 34 39+ 31 37+ 35 29

Insanity: 19
Corruption: 5
Fate: 3
Faith: 0
Wounds: 15
Movement: 3

Awareness PER 32
Barter ½FEL 14
Carouse ½T 17
Charm ½FEL 14
Climb ½S 15
Command FEL 29
Common Lore INT 31
Imperial Guard, Imperial Navy, War
Concealment ½AG+10 29
Contortionist ½AG 19
Deceive ½FEL 14
Demolition INT 31
Disguise ½FEL 14
Dodge AG 39
Drive AG+20 59
Ground Vehicle
Evaluate ½INT 15
Gamble ½INT 15
Inquiry ½FEL 14
Intimidate S+10 45
Logic ½INT 15
Navigation ½INT 15
Navigation INT 31
Pilot AG 39
Civilian Craft, Military Craft, Spacecraft
Scrutiny ½PER 16
Search ½PER 16
Silent Move ½AG 19
Survival INT 31
Speak INT 31
Low Gothic, Ship Cant
Swim ½S 15
Tech Use ½INT 15
Melee weapons: Primitive
Heavy weapons: SP
Basic weapons: Las, SP, Flame, Launcher
Pistols: Las, Flame
Quick Draw
Ready a weapon as a free action
Roll a d10 whenever a fate point is used. On a 9 that fate point is not lost
-5 to fellowship tests with non voidborn
during a chase, +5% to bypass any obstacles caused by narrow spaces or indoors
+2 Initiative, DM may secretly test perception to see if you notice hidden threats
Never gain insanity points from ordinary horrors

Custom Long-Las with overcharge packs, reddot sights and telescopic sights
150m, 1/-/- , 1d10+4 E, Pen 1, clip 20, accurate, reliable
4 overcharge packs (including one loaded)
Ammo used: (5/20) (6/20) (0/20) (0/20)
3 Hot Shot packs

Hand flamer
10m, 1/-/- , 1d10+4E, Pen 2, clip 2, flame
0 clips


3 fuel tanks
Ammo used: (1/3) (0/2) (0/3)

4 Frag Grenades
9m, 2d10 X, blast 4

Combat Knife
1d5+3 R, primitive, thrown: 3m

Naval Flak Armour laced with chameloline and
built-in rebreather and night vision visor
all locations 4, +10% concealment

Grapnel and Clip Harness
Data slate
Memento: Scrap of Penal Legion Boiler Suit with barcode
Memento: Coscarla Enforcer I.D
Brass Communicator


Dariel Cruze was born aboard an Imperial Warship called ‘Wrath of Drusus’ serving in Battlefleet Calixis, the mighty fleet which patrols and protects the Calixis Sector of Imperial space from pirates, aliens and other interstellar threats. He was born to lowly slaves toiling in the lower decks to keep the ancient plasma reactors and life support systems functioning. It was a thankless job, gruelling hours of backbreaking work meant most slaves died before their twenties were up. Dariel was singled out at a young age when an eccentric Imperial hermit who was travelling aboard his ship insisted on visiting the lower decks. He marched straight up to him, followed by bemused yet armed marines and performed a reading of the Emperor’s tarot.

The results surprised young Dariel: apparently the cards said he was destined for greatness and that he would bring great wrath upon the enemies of the Imperium just like Saint Drusus, the namesake of the ship. The hermit was not surprised however, claiming that it was the Emperor’s work that brought him to the Wrath of Dursus, and to Dariel.

Sailors, being a superstitious lot immediately brought Dariel up to the mid decks and kept him around as a good luck mascot and before long he made friends with the crew and marines stationed aboard the ship. On his 16th birthday he were formally recruited into the ship’s crew proper and rapidly progressed to be a senior rating, aiding the navigators and bridge staff with menial tasks. As he grew up and his skill with firearms became apparent, he joined the marines on the ship and trained in boarding and counter-boarding techniques along with weapon drills and pilot skills.

During one mission to the Josian Reach, your ship was commandeered by an Inquisitor Mercius Kane who was operating in the area and needed some heavy firepower. Dariel, now more commonly know by his callsign: ‘Able’, was part of a team selected to accompany Inquisitor Kane on a ground mission to combat a daemon-worshipping cult.

The ground mission went horribly wrong and Able and Inquisitor Kane came back alive. His skill
with a shotgun and sniper rifle seriously impressed Inquisitor Kane even though he claimed that the touch of the Emperor was with him that day. When Able mentioned the tarot reading from his childhood, Inquisitor Kane’s mind was made up. He submitted the requisition forms that afternoon and offered him a place on his Inquisitorial Retinue. He said he was putting together a team and it could use a skilled gunman, albeit one with the Emperor’s own luck about him!

Saying his goodbyes to the crew of the Wrath of Drusus, Able packed his kit and set off to begin his new life as an Inquisitorial Acolyte.

Dariel 'Able' Cruze

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