The Churgeon


The woman known as the Churgeon was more machine than human and quite insane.

A renegade techadept she was hidden behind the scenes of the Alms House where she worked her profitable alchemistry to win over the compliance of the Sibellan narcogangs so that she could continue her murderous experiments uncontested. The spate of disappearances in the district were largely down to her need for fresh test subjects, and her appetite for new stock was beginning to prove hard for her lackeys to hide.

Dataslate recovered from the Coscarla Alms HouseWhich eventually led to Saul Arbest dying on the transit rail and being discovered by a passing train guard. This is not in itself an uncommon occurrence; however the body, under forensic examination, showed extensive signs of surgical tampering and illegal organ-grafting indicative of heretical science. The Inquisition had kept the body and the incident under wraps, and determined it to be that of a missing habworker called Saul Arbest.

Arbest was reported missing over a month previous by his sister, from his home in the dilapidated Coscarla Division area of Hive Sibellus. The Inquisition was interested in just how this heretical biocraft wound up in the body of this otherwise unremarkable citizen and sent the Acolyte Cell Ω9 to covertly investigate matters.

What they found at the Alms House disturbed all of them to the core. The Churgeon was implanting symbiotic organisms of unknown origin (suspected xenos specimens) within the nervous systems of her victims. It is unknown as to what she hoped to achieve with this practice, but it was noted by the acolytes on the ground that her subjects (ref: 561/‘Body Snatchers’) had increased physcial capabilities including strength and resistance to gunfire. The connection to the victims’ nervous system also implies potential mind-control software which is perhaps the most worrying of all her acts.

The Churgeon was killed during the mission and her body has been taken back to Medicae-Interrogator Sand’s lab for dissection.

The Churgeon

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