Dieter Schrieder


Dieter was once a messenger on the feudal world of Acreage in the Calixis Sector. His job was to ride between the estates of nobles, delivering messages and goods as required.

Dieter character sheet

He was also quite the swordsman and ladies’ man, and after bedding one too many nobleman’s daughter, Dieter was shipped off world to a mining colony. Finding himself in a strange new world of spacecraft and warp travel, Dieter didn’t exactly fit in and found it very hard to make friends. After pissing off most of the mining corporations in the nearby area, he was bought for a very cheap price by a recruiting officer of the Calixian Penal Legion and pressed into service.

Dieter was pressed into squad X3804 and sent to his death on the shrine world of Veneris. Dieter’s luck turned around however after some of his squad mates were rescued by Inquisitor Mercius Kane who decided to put Dieter’s ‘talents’ to good use in the Holy Ordos as a ‘face’ operative.

Dieter Schrieder

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