Preacher Lazarus


Classification: Male Human Cleric, rank: 4 (Preacher)
Role: Chaplain/Support


“Do not try to be a great man, just be a man…and let the Emperor decide”

So says Lazarus to Krell, and in his first adventure, the Preacher feels he has manged this. He entered Inquisitor Kane’s service as a nothing; a cowardly fool who had watched as Orks butchered his people, and now stands as a slayer of Chaos filth, an enforce of the Emperor’s Will, and a witness of His divine mercy.

Even so, Lazarus has leant much during his time in Kane’s service; gone is the preacher who saw the Universe in black and white. His experiences have shown him what life in the Imerpium can be like, and how hard it is to maintain faith when your stomach is empty and your officials are corrupt villains.

Now, he burns with a zealous fire, not to torch those who speak ill of the Emperor, but to show them how wrong they are, and to ease the suffering that causes them to doubt His light. Though a changed man, Lazarus still believes deeply and seeks to pass that on to others, though now he is far more understand of those whose faith has been rocked by the hard realities of life.

Preacher Lazarus

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