Lili Arbest


Unsanctioned Psyker (Elocator)


Lili Arbest is a rare breed of Psyker: an Elocator. Her specialty is speed and spatial movement, her powers allow her to move much faster than most people and can often use this unnatural speed to bend light around her creating illusions and deceptions.

Lili character sheet

Lili joined the Inquisition after the Coscarla Incident. Her brother Saul’s death was the catalyst which led to the Holy Ordos sending newly formed Acolyte Cell Ω9. To investigate.

Afterwards she became an informant for the Inquisition, being rescued by the same Cell which investigated her back at the start when those she was investigating started to get wind of her.

Since then she has joined Acolyte Cell Ω7 as a full Acolyte.

Lili Arbest

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