Warden Locan


A simpering, middle aged man, Locan was the corrupt enforcer officer nominally in charge of maintaining order in the Coscarla Division, abandoned to that “graveyard posting”
by his superiors in the Magistratum.

Locan is an obscura addict, a shadow of his former self and long since compromised by the local narcogangs. He had completely lost control of his district, his troopers replaced by agents of an unknown force.

Torn between his addiction and his terror, he made a poor show of the pretence of normality when encountered by the acolytes during their investigation of the area. Since the events in the Coscarla District, Inquisition forces have apprehended Locan and have him under arrest in their cells. He has failed to so far give any useful information but is on suicide watch 24/7 due to numerous attempts to end his own life.

Warden Locan

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