'Chord' Luntz


A hatchetman for the narcogang syndicates of Hive Sibellus, Luntz encountered Acolyte Cell Ω9 during their mission to the Coscarla Division.

It was discovered that he was to take the syndicate’s due in terms of narcotics from the Churgeon (who was supplying them to fund her own heretical pursuits) and had a dozen stubjacks and gang blades at his beck and call.

Luntz apparently had reservations about the relationship he had with the Churgeon as he helped the Acolytes by causing a distraction, allowing them to enter the Chureon’s lair and defeat her.

The Inquisition has been keen to speak with Luntz following these incidents to learn more about the specifics behind the narcosyndicates’ connection with the Churgeon and her ilk, but Luntz hasn’t been seen since.


'Chord' Luntz

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