Dr. Mortimer


Dr. Mortimer is currently one of the Inqusition’s top wanted persons on Scintilla where he is suspected of Tech Heresy, harboring known heretics, impersonation and trafficking with aliens.

His connection to the incident in Coscarla (and thus to the known heretic the Churgeon) has not been proved but is strongly suspected.

The Acolyte Cell Ω9 attempted to apprehend the man at his office in the Hospital of St. Uther the Cataplast in Angel Aria, Hive Sibellus and found him in a meeting with the known heretic, Sybas Moran (who has known connections to the Churgeon). Mortimer and Moran escaped and haven’t been seen since.

Mortimer is suspected of aiding the Churgeon by supplying her with training, knowledge and supplies necessary to perform her tech-heresies.

Mortimer is suspected of being an alias as there is no record of any such man in the medicae records of the Calixis Sector or even neighboring Ixaniad or Scarus sectors. Mortimer is a popular man of indeterminate age who exudes charisma. He is equally at home in the operating theatre or working the Sibellan noble circuit.

Through his years of making contacts and friends throughout the city, Mortimer has been able to amass quite the social empire, making finding him very difficult. He could have found transport off world on any number of personal yachts or freighters to any destination in the sector or beyond. The Inquisition is working at full capacity to track the man down and bring him in for interrogation.


Dr. Mortimer

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