Medicae-Interrogator Omardha Sand


Omardha Sand is a Medica-Interrogator of the Inquisition, meaning he isn’t a full-fledged Inquisitor yet, but instead is receiving intense personal training from an Inquisitor, in this case from Mercius Kane.

Sand made his career in the Arbites where he progressed rapidly into the criminal investigation wing, specialising in forensics and post-mortem examinations.

His skill got him ear-marked for the Verispex, the Inquisition’s private forensic team recruited from the very best of Arbites and Magistratum forces across the galaxy.

During his time as a Verispex Adept, Sand became friendly with a newly-qualified Inquisitor named Mercius Kane who would often bring work to Sand’s lab which he didn’t trust with other adepts. After almost a decade of such work, Kane requisitioned Sand to his personal team and made him an Interrogator.

Sand has took to the job admirably, using his skill at deduction with a keen eye for detail to spot potential new recruits as well as spies and traitors in their midst.

Rumours circulating around Kane’s staff seem to indicate that Sand is nearing completion of his training and will soon be made a full Inquisitor in his own right. If that happens its likely that Kane will seek out a new Interrogator apprentice.


Medicae-Interrogator Omardha Sand

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