Sybas Moran


Warrant for Arrest

Name: Sybas Moran
Known Aliases: None
Known Associates or Organisations: The Tantalus Combine, Provost Zane Moran (brother), The Churgeon (Heretek)
Confirmed Heresies: Willful participation in the Coscarla Incident. Association with Hereteks.
Preferred Methods of Operation: Rear echelon movements, Moran usually has minions and lackeys to do his dirty work for him. Frequently abuses brother’s position in Arbites to cover tracks.
Suspected Activities: Trafficking in illegal goods, possession of prohibited xenos items and creatures,fraud, blackmail, illegal sale of holy relics.
Threat Rating: Obscuro Majoris.
Encounter Protocol: Capture is preferable as deeper roots of heresy suspected, termination if necessary (at discretion).

Lord Inquisitor Caidin has sanctioned the capture/termination warrant against Sybas Moran, born the second son to an impoverished wing of the powerful House Moran on Malfi. Reportedly a sly and deceitful glutton from an early age, Sybas railed against the gentle poverty in which he was raised and the fallen status of his line.

As he grew he put his remarkable intellect and cunning to work and quickly took control of his family’s failing manufactorum chain, restoring its fortunes in the process. This chain, under his greedy gaze eventually grew to become the Tantalus Combine and swallowed up rival companies and noble houses alike.

The Moran Great House quickly adopted him as a dealer in rare antiquities, and he brokered many profitable deals for his clan. He soon began to use the company to hide all sorts of illegal activities namely the acquisition and collection of ancient artefacts, suspected xenos or daemonic in nature.

Recently he allowed the Tantalus Combine’s holdings in the Coscarla Division district of Hive Sibellus (ref: Alms House, Coscarla Incident) to be used by a deranged Heretek known as the Churgeon for her deranged experiments. A deeper heresy is suspected here. Capturing Moran alive for interogation is critical.

Sybas has managed to remain one step ahead of his many hunters over the years thanks to his quick wits and more importantly his brother Zane’s position as Provost in the Adeptus Arbites. This connection needs further investigation.

Known Motivations and Goals: Sybas Moran’s only motivation is to continue his life of treachery and greed. The association with the Heretek the Churgeon may indicate a deeper connection to some organisation but at this stage little more is known

Verdict: Moran is a dangerous man. Capturing him alive to find out more about his association is critical. However if capture is impossible, executing him will be satisfactory in order to stop his heresies.


Sybas Moran

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