Taura Bălan


Taura was once a Guardsman with the 28th Scintillan Protectorate. She specialised in heavy weapons operation particularly autocannon, grenade launchers and other man portable explosives.

Taura character sheet

Taura was a promising soldier, earmarked for joining the Storm Trooper unit of her regiment.

Unfortunately for Taura she had a rebellious streak and chafed at the constant orders, commands and “bullshit” from her commanding officers. She was reprimanded, demoted, beaten and suspended more times than she can remember but still her attitude didn’t change (if anything it worsened).

Eventually her failure to follow orders and respect the chain of command led to her unit not arriving at a key location on time which in turn led to a huge defeat and the loss of hundreds of guardsmen.

This was the last straw for her commanding officers who stripped her of what little rank she had left and sent her to the Penal Legion as punishment for her crimes. There she would learn proper respect or die in service to the Emperor. Her first assignment within the Legion was an assault on the beaches of Veneris along with her squad, X3804. During the mission, she proved herself a useful and tenacious ally.

When Inquisitor Kane arrived to rescue some of her squadmates, Kane was impressed with her performance and offered her a chance to die for the Emperor in a much more constructive way; by joining the Holy Ordos of the Inquisition.

Taura Bălan

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