In Defence of the Future: A Logical Discourse


“Once we were Gods, but what are we now? Wilfully ignorant
savages and self-deluded fools, little more than helpless children
scattered and lost in the cold dark. But I tell you, we have been Gods
and we shall be Gods again.”

—In Defence of the Future: A Logical Discourse
Author unknown, banned M.36


The proscribed work around which the Logician cult has its foundation, a document entitled “In Defence of the Future: A Logical Discourse,” first appeared more than four millennia ago in the Segmentum Solar, at the very heart of the Imperium, and some say parts of the text itself were copied from ancient and utterly proscribed works buried deep in the vaults of Holy Terra itself, although its author or collator remains unknown.

The book itself promulgates the dangerous philosophy of progress, that the advancement of technology and science should be immediately pursued at all cost and regardless of its source for the ultimate “benefit” of humanity and the restoration of the lost “Golden Age” of mankind. In such a new age, humanity would again bestride the stars like a colossus, the ancient domains of man would be re-conquered, held, and expanded, and all the threats to human existence
posed by the xenos or the warp could be confronted and crushed utterly.

To this end, the work posits the destruction of the Cult Mechanicus and the overthrow of the “stifling grip” of Imperial authority and an end to what the book refers to as the Ecclesiarchy’s “tyranny of lies” concerning the Emperor and the Imperial Creed. Instead, the “logical course” for the restoration of order and a rebirth of humanity’s destiny among the stars is that power be placed in the hands of a new absolutist oligarchy of “forward thinkers” and those “fitted by vision and superiority” to rule—namely the Logicians themselves.

The doctrines and arguments contained within the work expound the need for utter ruthlessness in order to attain the “glorious coming age” to which humanity is heir, and goes on to advocate the forging of a secret empire within the body of the Imperium itself as the agency of its overthrow, and the unrestrained pursuit of conquest and victory through the arts of technology and science at any cost. The work supports this dangerous creed with numerous worthy sounding and elaborate justifications for any needed enormity of slaughter or sacrifice to gain the ends it glorifies, regardless of the cost in human life or freedom.

In short, to attain such a living, tangible paradise—a future on which the universe itself is
held in the palm of mankind’s hand—no price is too high to pay in the present. It is, the book contends, a matter of simple logic.

In Defence of the Future: A Logical Discourse

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