Vortex Bomb

A small black/blue orb rotating within a small glass container which is wired directly into one of the ship's hardpoints


Vortex bomb


This device looks chillingly similar to a Vortex warhead except stripped down to its’ bare explosive component. When this bomb goes off, not only will it result in a near-nuclear level explosion but will also create a huge rift in the warp, sucking anything nearby into it.

Vortex weaponry is normally deployed as a warhead, also called a Vortex Missile, and is an extremely rare and advanced type of specialised ordnance used only in the direst of circumstances by the Imperial Guard, the Titan Legions or the Imperial Navy.

The weapon is a recovered archeotech product of the Dark Age of Technology and looks like a large ballistic missile mounted either on a Titan weapon hardpoint, or a Deathstrike Missile Launcher.

Vortex weapons are extremely difficult to construct, and are also fickle and unpredictable. Indeed, once opened by a Warp weapon’s detonation, the Warp vortex can sometimes drift randomly around, sustaining itself on any present Warp energies, and annihilating friend and foe alike. Vortex Warheads are only deployed and used with special authorisation from the Departmento Munitorum, and only when Imperial commanders are past any consideration of collateral damage. The firing of a Vortex Missile by Imperial Guard forces is normally the responsibility of the engaged force’s Lord Commissar.

Vortex Bomb

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