Mars-class battlecruiser of Battlefleet Calixis


Mars-class Battlecruisers are amongst the most powerful mid-size ships of the line used by the Imperial Navy. Able to house a significant number of fighter and bomber squadrons while also carrying a heavy broadside of cannon batteries, the Mars class cruiser is often used by rear Admirals as a secondary command hub.


The Praesidium is a Mars-class battlecruiser. It is currently in service to Battlefleet Calixis under Captain Sebastien Nostus.

Requisitioned by the Calixian Conclave of the Inquisition, the Praesidium was flown to the planet of Cindar in the Malfian Subsector of the Calixis Sector in order to assist in the supression of a rebellion there.

Deathwatch Kill-team Gladius were launched via drop-pod from the Praesidium’s torpedo tubes as they inserted into the battle below. They were later aided by orbital strikes from the Praesidium’s cannon batteries.


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