Pulse Pistol

A boxy, strange looking pistol with an ochre colour to the plating. Multiple small lights constantly flicker on the various control panels.

weapon (ranged)
Range Rate of Fire Damage Pen Clip Reload Special Weight
30m 1/2/- 2d10+2 E 4 16 half - 3kg

The pulse pistol is the sidearm of choice for the warriors of the Tau Empire. It fires a plasma pulse, which is generated when an induction field accelerates a particle which breaks down as it leaves the barrel. Larger pulse rifles have small circular devices near the end of the barrel which act as a housing for a gyroscope that is part of an aim-stabilization system. This allows the rifle to remain steady on target and angled for optimal firing at distance, regardless of factors like shaking hands.

The plasma pulses fired from the pulse pistol are devastating and often surprises foes who do not expect such a small device to pack quite as big a punch.

Pulse Pistol

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