Shuriken Pistol

An elegant pistol crafted seemingly from a single piece of bone

weapon (ranged)
Range Rate of Fire Damage Pen Clip Reload Special Weight
30m 1/3/6 1d10+2 3 30 1 full Reliable, Tearing 1 kg

Proficiency Required: Pistols (Shuriken)
Ammo: Shuriken core


Shuriken Weaponry are weapons almost unique to the Eldar, as this technology is extremely advanced and very difficult to replicate. The Eldar make widespread use of shuriken weaponry, which ranges in size from personal sidearms to massive tank-mounted cannons, and all operate on the same principles. The art of using a shuriken weapon is one that most Eldar will learn, if only for a period of time as part of a Guardian squad, though many Aspect Shrines give great focus on how to wield these deadly weapons.

The Shuriken Pistol is the smaller version of the Shuriken Catapult and is fired one-handed. Shurikens fired from the pistol are identical to those used in catapults, but the weapon itself has a shorter barrel and smaller energy capacity, resulting in limited range, rate of fire and power. Humans sometimes refer to this weapon as a slinger or sling pistol, while its Eldar name is murehk. It is a common backup sidearm for many Eldar warriors, and is one of the primary weapons of the Howling Banshees and Striking Scorpions Aspect Warriors.

Shuriken Pistol

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