Sybas Moran's Dataslate

A simple dataslate containing personal information


This dataslate was found in Sybas Moran’s secret Museum of Apostasy. Most data was lost during the hacking process, but a few private message files remain:


+++++++++++++++++++++++BEGIN MESSAGE FILE+++++++++++++++
Date: 25.15.662
From: Sybas Moran
To: Zane Moran
Subject: You win
Ok. You win. I’m coming to Cindar. The Tantalus Ships
have been leaving all week with the supplies Mortimer
asked me to send and i booked them out of the spaceport
using that contact you told me about, Razael. Strictly
off the books. I’m going to be on the next shipment. I
leave first thing in the morning. I’m really worried
Zane, I’ve seen strange shadows in the garden and I’ve
heard the staff whispering about me. I think one of them
is an informant you know, but I’ve not spoken to them, I
haven’t given the game away.
I’ve been reading that book you sent me my brother; “A
Logical Discourse” it’s very interesting. Maybe you’re
right, I’ll speak to your people when I arrive and maybe
I’ll give this organisation of yours a shot.
Date: 24.15.662
From: Sybas Moran
To: Karel Chenko
Subject: More artefacts to come
My brother can get me better stuff, you mark my words.
I’ll have the greatest collection of artefacts on
Scintilla! He’s even invited me to join this stupid
secret society of his, sent me some preachy book.
Whatever. I’m going to go see him- he’s away on some
super secret mission but he said I can have whatever I
want from their vaults. I’m hoping to get more pistols to
complete my collection, or maybe one of those singing
bone weapons of the Eldar I’ve heard so much about. I
can’t wait to show you.
Date: 24.15.662
From: Zane Moran
To: Sybas Moran
Subject: Discretion
I warned you about showing off your collection to the
nobles. It looks like someone has gotten wind of your
boasting. I’ll handle it but you need to go to ground for
a while. It doesn’t bear thinking about what would happen
if knowledge of your collection got into the hands of..
you know who. And it certainly can’t lead back to us not
when our plans are at such a critical stage.
Maybe it’s time to stop all this nonsense now hm? We
could really use your expertise and my superiors have
promised to bump you up a few degrees when you join.
Just something to think about that’s all.
Make sure you delete this message and wipe that Dataslate
of all data, or better still have it destroyed. You need
to be more careful about these things.
Take care little brother
Date: 16.15.662
From: Sybas Moran
To: Karel Chenko
Subject: New additions to the collection
I just know you’re going to want to see this. You won’t
believe the pieces my brother sent me! He’s off with that
Medicae chap I introduced you to before on some secret
mission I’m not to know about unless I join his gang or
whatever. Bring that sweet piece of ass you’ve been
toting around too what was her name? Sari? I’m sure I
can… impress her.
Date: 12.10.662
From: Mortimer
To: Sybas Moran
Subject: Meet
Sybas we need to talk about the situation at the Alms
House. I’m afraid we shall no longer be requiring the
services of the Tantalus Combine. It is clear that your
facilities are not secure enough for our work. With the
loss of Lab Gamma our work is severely hindered. The
other labs are going to have to step up production.
Luckily their locations are more secure.
Despite your failings I think you have potential Sybas
and your brother more than vouches for you. Meet me at my
office at the Dominus Tower in the Hospital in Angel Aria
tomorrow evening. The Mechanicus lot will be away leaving
us with the entire place to ourselves. I think you would
be very interested in seeing the work we do.
+++++++++++++++++++++++END MESSAGES+++++++++++++++++++++
+++++++++++++++++++++++DATA FILE CORRUPT++++++++++++++++

Sybas Moran's Dataslate

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