The Apostasy Gambit

Session 8: Lazarus
Lazarus the Fortunate

It was cold.
Colder than he had expected. The wind blew through his short hair and whipped it up, irritating him and forcing him to run a hand through it to calm it.
Marching to the edge of the dam, Lazarus peered over.
It was high.
Higher than he had expected.

Session 7: Lazarus
Lazarus the Rescued

The first shot sailed wide of him, but an anguished yelp to his rear informed the Preacher that others had not been so fortunate.
Another shot passed him, then another.
His mind reeled; how could they?! How could Imperial Guardsmen open fire on their on citizenry? These engineers had done nothing wrong, they merely showed up for work this morning. The heavy stubber continued to spit rubber into crowd. People were falling all around, one lolled onto Lazarus from behind as a bullet caught him in the throat, instantly crushing his windpipe.
The Preach lurched to one side, freeing himself from the corpse’s grip just in time to dodge another volley. The final bullet hammered into his arm and he howled with pain; purple, yellow, and blue all vied for space on his arm as a bruise sprang forth instantly, though all feeling had already vacated the traumatised limb.

Session 6: Lazarus
Lazarus the Book Collector

Session 6: Lazarus

“So there I was,” he paused and took a sip on the tea. He winced slightly, the hint of citrus-flavouring seeming to have accumulated in that one taste. Putting the cup down again, he tried to refocus, “There I was,” he repeated, pausing, looking around at his audience as he allowed the mood to seep from his story into the real world, “naught but a knife in hand with a daemon to my front and a daemon spawn to my flank!”
Thirty pairs of saucer sized eyes looked back at him, “What did you do!?” came a voice
“Well,” chuckled the preacher, “What could I do? The Emperor would never have forgiven me to suffer those abominations to live! I charged the daemon!” He boasted, nodding his head as though to confirm his words were accurate.
A shocked gasp came up from the crowd, “Weren’t you scared??”

Descent into the Mines
Following their lead, the Acolytes (without Krell or Ishta) blend into the working classes to pursue the Skorn.


Session 8: Krell
Pride Goeth

Krell forced his breathing under control.
As he clambered over the rail after Brother Lazarus, he realised he could not ignore the dark abyss below him. This was not made any more inviting through his helmets low-light vision, giving him a glorious rockrete view of the dam.

Session 8: Able
The Enemy Within

The glitter of city lights sparkled below them, distant enough to be on another planet. Able tried to forget that they were about to launch themselves out into the midnight air with nothing more than a fine rope to keep them from plummeting down into that distant world. He’d done several planetfall drops from Valkyries, but his experience with rope work was limited to clipping himself in to precarious vantage points in the odd city fight he’d been called to. Abseiling down a hundred meter high dam in the dead of night was a new experience and, in spite of Folorn’s assurances that their equipment would get them down safely, he was riddled with doubt. So many things had gone wrong for them on this throne-forsaken planet that he was growing increasingly pessimistic about their chances of getting out of this alive, let alone completing their mission. How in a hundred hells were they supposed to ‘extract’ the elected head of the Castellon magistratum? This sort of an operation ought to be one for a damn army, not a small band of misfits of whom, in the small time they’d spent on this world, two had spent days on the brink of death. Indeed, Able was certain that Lazarus was still in no fit state to be here with them, but the Preacher had insisted, claiming the Emperor would protect him from all harm. Because, of course, that had worked out so well for him at the naval base.

The Great Dam Debacle
The Acolytes make incredibly good time on their abseil down the Castellon dam

Summary of Key Information gained during this session:

  • Gravity is indeed working on Cindar
  • The Acolytes cannot climb for shit

    The Actolyes gathered in a nearby cafe in the Dressic district of Castellon in order to discuss a few things away from Octus and his prying eyes.

    Eventually the Acolytes proceeded to follow their main clue in the investigation so far; the mines. Enoch’s tracking device has shown that the Skorn are moving troops in transport trucks to and from the mines under the city.

    Agreeing to meet up with Folorn, the Acolytes climbed to the top of the dam overlooking the entrance to the mine and began to abseil down to reach a venting grate which Folorn guaranteed would lead straight into the mine and past the Skorn barricade.

    Things did not exactly go to plan however. Lazarus, Enoch and Krell all failed to activate their climbing harnesses correctly and all plummeted to the earth. Lazarus was saved by sheer luck (he maintains the will of the Emperor) and landed next to Folorn on the platform. Enoch managed to use the power of the warp to pull himself onto the platform (and obscuring all nearby vision in inky-blackness for a minute or so) but Krell was not so lucky. Missing the platform altogether, he impacted off the dam scaffolding and spiralled away out of control, eventually plowing through a roof in a puff of plaster and splinters.

    Able refused to follow suit and instead turned tail and ran back into the city, hailing Frags and attempting to organise a pick-up for the critically injured Krell.

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    Session 7: Krell
    Crippling Weight

    Krell’s mind fragmented under the questions and self-doubt.

    Naval Docks (part two)
    Their cover blown, the acolytes are forced to fight their way out of the Naval Docks

    Summary of Key Information gained during this session:

  • The Skorn are utterly loyal, well disciplined and were willing to fire on unarmed civilians in order to take down Lazarus.
  • Enoch managed to place a tracking device on a Skorn truck which led back to the mines underneath Castellon.
  • Folorn was impressed with the acolytes’ efforts and offered to work together to explore the mines.
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    Session 6: Able
    The Scum and the Slave

    “You’re being paranoid, I just spoke to him about it…”
    “You did what?”
    “He was completely open about it, don’t you think he’d be a little more subtle if he was involved in heresy?”
    “Oh! Good! So you spoke to him and he didn’t seem like he was lying! Well, I guess that settles it then, we can ignore the fact that he led us into a trap that half killed me within hours of arriving on the planet, and concentrate on working on all those other leads he’s given us that’ll probably finish the job!”


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