The Mortressan 501st Scythewind are an Imperial Guard regiment currently operating in the Calixis Sector of the Segmentum Obscurus hailing from the death world of Mortressa.


The Mortressan Scythewind regiments take their name from the devastating natural storms which ravage their death world homeland, Mortressa. They are a mechanised infantry regiment combining the natural savagery of their tribal ancestors with the high-tech equipment of the Hive Cities scattered across the jungle belt of their homeworld.

The 501st are a particularly notable regiment in that they have been entirely requisitioned by Inquisitor Mercius Kane of the Ordo Xenos to serve him across the battlefields of the Calixis Sector. Inquisitor Kane often makes use of the regiment during large-scale military operations and has been known to recruit particularly promising warriors into his personal retinue.

The 501st regiment has shown exceptional courage and bravery during many long campaigns in and around the Calixis Sector. Most prominent of which are the Heresy-Wars surrounding the Protasia system (where a rival Inquisitor had turned to Chaos along with many Imperial Guard regiments, Blood Angel units and Sisters of Battle) and the purge of the Tau exploratory force in the Spinward Front.

They have also seen action on Veneris where they fought the Perfect Voice and in the Spinward Front, seeing off a Tau exploratory force.

Mortressa has been supplying loyal regiments of its’ famed ‘Scythewind’ for generations- troops which combine death world upbringing with hive worlder cunning. The result is a highly mobile force of hardened veterans utilising high tech equipment and vehicles. The Scythewind regiments contain lots of snipers and stealth teams along with heavy weapons platoons and powerful tank squads. The troopers themselves often go into battle with unconventional weaponry with monoaxes and shotguns being particular favourites.


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