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Classification: Male Human Marine (Guardsman) Rank: 4 (Sergeant)
Role: Sniper
Background: Void Born
Details: Lanky (1.65m 55kg), 23 years old, fair skin (bluish tinge), ginger hair, green eyes, left handed (backwards like the warp), long fingers
Tarot: "Do not ask why you serve, only how”

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
34 54++ 30 34 39+ 31 32 35 29

Insanity: 11
Corruption: 5
Fate: 3
Faith: 0
Wounds: 15
Movement: 3

Awareness PER 32
Barter ½FEL 14
Carouse ½T 17
Charm ½FEL 14
Climb ½S 15
Command ½FEL 14
Common Lore INT 31
Imperial Guard, Imperial Navy, War
Concealment ½AG+10 29
Contortionist ½AG 19
Deceive ½FEL 14
Disguise ½FEL 14
Dodge AG 39
Drive AG+20 59
Ground Vehicle
Evaluate ½INT 15
Gamble ½INT 15
Inquiry ½FEL 14
Intimidate ½S 15
Logic ½INT 15
Navigation ½INT 15
Surface, Stellar
Pilot AG 39
Civilian Craft, Military Craft
Pilot ½AG 19
Scrutiny ½PER 16
Search ½PER 16
Silent Move ½AG 19
Survival INT 31
Speak INT 31
Low Gothic, Ship Cant
Swim ½S 15
Tech Use ½INT 15

Melee weapons: Primitive
Heavy weapons: SP
Basic weapons: Las, SP, Flame, Launcher
Pistols: Las, Flame
Quick Draw
Ship-born (during a chase, +5% to bypass any
obstacles caused by narrow spaces or indoors)


Custom Long-Las with overcharge packs, reddot sights and telescopic sights
150m, 1/-/- , 1d10+4 E, Pen 1, clip 20, accurate, reliable
1 spare overcharge pack

Hand flamer
10m, 1/-/- , 1d10+4E, Pen 2, clip 2, flame
1 spare clip

4 Frag Grenades
9m, 2d10 X, blast 4

Combat Knife
1d5+3 R, primitive, thrown: 3m

Naval Flak Armour laced with chameloline and
built-in rebreather and night vision visor
all locations 4, +10% concealment

Character Sheet Code

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