Cindar info

Cindar is a fortress world on the Spinward/Rimward edge of the Malfian subsector of the Calixis Sector.

It is an important world because it is situated on a major transport route to and from the area of space known as the Spinward Front where the Imperium is currently engaged in multiple warzones. If that war were to spill over into civilised space, the entire sector would be at risk.

Cindar is classed as ‘pre-hive’ in terms of civilisation and population density. The majority of the populace live in Castellon, the capital city while the rest of the world is generally covered in air defence batteries, military barracks and farms.

Cindar’s space traffic is quite heavy due to the constant movement of ships transporting troops out to the battlefields of the Spinward Front which tend to use Cindar as a re-fuel stop.

Notable Locations:
Castellon- Planetary capital
Bastion Station- orbital defence platform and spaceport


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