Ishta part 1

Ishta sat at in her drab little room within the inquisition hide out, the only thing that distinguished it from the Arbite cell’s she had spent time in back in hive Tarsus was the hard plastic desk she now sat at.
It had a mirrored upright to it and a single draw under the right hand side, to the left of her was a rail to hang clothes ( not that she had much of those) and behind her the shelf like bed its outer edge serported by chains from the wall, the thin mattress that lay on top of it was more comfortably than those found in Arbite cells, but still palled in comparison to the beds she had used most of her working life.
There was no shower or sink in the room a communally wash room lay down the hall, her room was one of the farthest from it, the closer ones having been taken by older members of the group.

Ishta read through the dossier on Chord Luntz and as she did she smiled to her self, I can work with this she thought, A miner gang leader use to getting what he wants and right now he wants out of this trap, he’ll want to feel like he’s in control and he’s defiantly going to try an escape.

She looked in the mirror, she was still wearing the mesh body-glove from there mission a few hours ago, she’d need to take a shower and change before she went to see mr Luntz, She looked across at the one tired looking white dress she now owned, it will have to do she thought.

On returning from her shower she slipped in to the dress, viewing her self in the mirror a small tear over her right hip court her attention.
Ta.. how did that get there “ she said to her self in a low voice
Placing her right leg on the chair for support she hitched the dress up to her hip and positioned a garter belt midway up her thigh, sliding her mono knife in under its elastic.
Stepping down she let the folds of her dress flow back, she looked back to the mirror, the knife had left a small but noticeably bulge in the pleats of the dress, there he should notice that she thought.
She adjusted the low neck line around her womanhood and smiled, I hope your ready for me mr Luntz she mused.

As Ishta approached Luntz’s interrogation cell she found the other acolytes waiting outside with the two stationed guards.
“I sort we’d agreed it would be best if I talked to Luntz alone”
“We did” Able interjected
“O.. I see, just come to watch me work” she smiled
Able and Krell avoided her gaze as Lazarus protested innocently
“No my lady we just wanted to inshore your safety”
Ishta placed her arms around Lazarus and whispered into his ear
“With you and the emperor watching over me I feel safer already”
Stepping back she bowed her head making the sign of the aquiline too the preacher with her hands.
“This shouldn’t take long gentlemen”
Opening the cell door she stepped inside.

Luntz sat on the chair farthest from the door, his eyes prowled the baron room like a caged animal.
He had a stocky build with long brown dreadlocks cascading over his muscular shoulders, he was dressed in rough gang atirey and as Ishta entered he pushed his chair back from the desk.
“Well hello, your a sweet thing, why don’t you come sit on my knee” he said pating his leg.
Ishta obliged throwing her left arm around his neck her right hand coming to rest on his chest.
“Well some one has been a nought boy it would seem”she said looking in to his eyes.
As she spoke she felt a brush against her leg and in a second her own knife was at her throat.

He had made his play sooner than she had expected but it wasn’t the first time she’d had a knife held to her throat, normally the men doing it where after one thing this man didn’t want that at all, well not yet she thought.

“Get me the hell out of hear or this bitch is dead”
“And I thought we were friends?”
“Shut the fuck up, I’m not kidding you let me walk or i’ll kill her”
Pushing the blade harder against her throat she moved her head so she could look into his eyes.
“Chord, may I call you Chord your missing something hear…
If your just a narco ganger you have noughtng to fear from the inquisition, on the other hand killing me one of there acolytes…
your a smart man you know how thats going to end,
So you can ever talk to me, or…”
her hand slipped down beneath his belt.
“You can cut my throat and the gentleman out side will come in hear and beat the information out of you”
“There watching ?”
“Well my boys like to keep me safe…
Now who would you rather talk to?”
With a finger placed to the point of the knife she moved it away from her throat
“Why don’t we talk about Dr Mortimer”
“What do you Uuh…want to know”

Mean why’ll outside the room a drama of its own was unfolding.
Having seen the knife drawn the two guards were readying there las gun’s and looking to the Acolytes for orders.
Krell continued leaning against the glass as he lit another death stick intrigued at the scene unfolding behind it.
Brother Lazarus drew up the ban hammer and stepped towards the door exclaiming
“By Vulkans codpiece we need to get in there and help her”
Able blocked his path stalling the brothers assault with his hand.
“Just wait give her time”
“Have faith brother… she knows what she’s doing”
Able’s words stopped Lazarus mid speech
he had over stepped his bounds once already today and the word faith rang in his ears
he turned to the oneway glass and watched as the young woman’s hand slipped beneath the mans trouser’s
Was his faith lacking was this the emperorers will he mused.

Down the corridor came the sound of foot steps as interrogator Sands appeared striding towards them drawn by the commotion.
Able quickly stepped foreword to intercept him
“Um I was hoping to talk…”
“Whats going on in there” The pressure of sands voice pushed Able aside.
The two guards las guns where now held at there sides in an unruly fashion as they stood open mouthed staring at the glass.
Krell expression hadn’t changed the flicker from his death stick emoting more than his face.
He had seen and conducted many interrogations in his time with the arbites but he couldn’t remember any proving so fruitful or bizarre.

Sands continued his motion forward towards the interrogation room.
Lazarus seeing a chance to redeem him self, filled his lungs with the zeal of the emperor and stepped forward
“I was hopeing for a chance to discuses with you sir the ramifications of the text we found A logical discourse!”
But Lazarus had not quit stepped forward anught and Sands’s eyes were drawn to the seen inside the interrogation room.
“What the fuck is this” his hand gesturing to the room.
Able having composed him self move to interject, pulling his ear piece out he pushed it into sands’s hand.
“Just listen” he infused
The Acolytes watched as sands expression changed from anger to confusion and then to wonder.

In side the cell Ishta continued to soften Luntz up
“So you can introduce me and my friends to Razael”
“ I can d..who that”
“and you’ll bring us the book”
“o..vf course” he gasped
“good boy” she kissed him on the cheek, reached down and picked her knife from the floor where it had fallen from Luntz’s grasp, and replaced it under her garter.
With to fingers placed gently under his chin she kissed him again on the lips, stood and straightened her dress.
“we’ll talk again soon I,m shore”
looking back over her shoulder she blew him a kiss as she left the room.
Luntz just stayed sitting there still unsure as to what had just happened.

Ishta part 1

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