The Logicians are an alliance of heretical factions and tech-cults who have long been a thorn in the side of Calixis and the nearby Ixaniad Sectors, but whose origins go back considerably further into the Imperium, and indeed humanity’s past.

Founded not around a single charismatic figure or dark religion, they find their inspiration
in a forbidden heretical text called “In Defence of the Future: A Logical Discourse” a work declared blasphemous by both the Ministorum and the Cult Mechanicus and banned for several millennia.

By nature, the Logicians are a so-called “progressive” cult. They favour the advancement of mankind through progress and the acquisition of technology, believing that they should cast off the oppression of the Ministorum, overthrow the High Lords of Terra, and put an end to the Adeptus Mechanicus’ stranglehold on scientific and technical lore.

Ultimately, the Logicians aim to bring about a return to the mythic power of the Dark Age of Technology and the enthronement of humanity as the omnipotent and indeed single surviving
sentient race in the galaxy. Finding adherents through a secret network of ruthless mercantile interests and power-hungry nobles, the Logician cult is a haven for hereteks and rogue tech- priests, and is highly organised and well equipped. The Logicians are
calculating, secretive, and patient in the execution of their plots and intrigues, utterly callous in their pursuit of power, and unceasing in their hunt for ever better weapons and tools
by which to achieve their ends.

For centuries the Calixis Sector has known the corrosive influence of the Logician cult, and although the power and reach of this tech-cult and its splinter factions have waxed and waned over the years, the group’s presence and its insidious teachings have proven impossible to entirely stamp out. In the past the Logicians have been responsible for countless
deaths in the pursuit of power and progress, and once even threatened the stability of the Calixis Sector thanks to their shadowy role in the Meritates Uprising.

Although purged and hounded to near destruction following those dark times six centuries ago, the Logicians have returned, seemingly even more subtle and insidious than before. There are those who argue that the threat they now pose is greater than ever. Some even whisper that the cult has
powerful backers among the Calixian elite and perhaps even members of the Holy Ordos itself.


The Logician cult and its attendant heresies of technology and doctrine are a clear and present danger to the stability of the Calixis Sector, the faith of the masses, and sacred auspices of the Priesthood of Mars. To be found guilty of being part of the cult, in its service, or even to have unlicensed possession of a copy of the Logical Discourse is enough to warrant a death sentence under Imperial law—a fate marginally more merciful than what the Adeptus Mechanicus prescribes for the crime in its own holdings.

Within the Holy Ordos, the direct persecution of the Logician cult is the chief responsibility of the Ordo Hereticus, and it is a task they shoulder gladly, as its anti-Imperial, secularist, and subversive agendas provoke the most profound loathing and antipathy in the Witch Hunter’s ranks. Owing to the cult’s tendency to delve into the forbidden lores of alien science, unrestricted progress, and the ancient past, both the Ordo Xenos and the authorities of the Adeptus Mechanicus are also bitterly opposed to the cult’s activities.

Finally, since the days of the Proclamation of Scant Mercy, both the Adeptus Arbites and sector enforcer cadres have the stated duty to take extreme measures against the cult whenever it is encountered.

Given the power and breadth of the forces ranged against the cult, it is perhaps surprising that the cult is not only still present within the sector, but seems to be increasing steadily in power and reach. It is a testament to both the highly resourced and focused nature of the Logicians’ conspiracies and their sheer ruthlessness in maintaining their covert activities that they continue to operate despite such opposition. However, some fear privately that the cult may
have secret backing from some renegade factions within the Adepta or the Inquisition itself.

All Inquisitorial forces in the field are briefed to expect a highly proficient and skilled enemy in the Logicians, one that will flee if not cornered, often inflicting huge death tolls while doing so in order to cover its operatives’ escape. Accordingly, (and with perhaps uncharacteristic subtlety) the Ordo Hereticus’s standing orders, issued at the vociferous petitioning of Inquisitor Srax-Rhame, is to match the Logicians’ intrigues with intrigues of the Inquisition’s own.

Already on Scintilla and other worlds, the threads of a vast web of covert actions, espionage, and lies is being woven to ensnare the wider cult. However, when this web draws tight, the Ordo Hereticus will stay its hand no longer, and the Logicians will burn.


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