The Adeptus Magistratum is a planet’s police force, enforcing the laws of the planetary governor across the world.

The Magistratum is often confused with the Adeptus Arbites who are the upholders of Imperial Law and thus have very different jurisdictions. The Arbites can pursue their targets across the entire sector if necessary but do not interfere with crimes on a planetary level. The Magistratum’s jurisdiction ends along with the planet’s atmosphere and are not connected with the Magistratum of other planets.

The Magistratum of larger worlds often resemble armies, with their own vehicle battalions for riot control and regiment-sized divisions of enforcers. At the higher end of the scale, Magistrates administer the planet’s laws.

There is often a sense of rivalry between the Magistratum and the Arbites especially when a suspect falls under both their jurisdictions.


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