Perfect Voice

Traitor guardThe Perfect Voice are part fighting force, part religious movement and part political party. Unfortunately for the Imperium they are also 100% heretic.

The Perfect Voice are followers of the Ruinous Powers, and are led by their daemonic general, Haumanor Shek.

The Perfect Voice is currently in operation in the Drusus Marches subsector of the Calixis Sector, particularly around holy sites such as Veneris, Protasia and Maccabeus Quintus. Their main goal seems to be to corrupt Imperial worlds and citizens, particularly those of religious value over to their cause.

The Perfect Voice espouse that they want only peace and harmony throughout the galaxy, and only through open worship of the warp and its’ denizens can this be achieved. True enough, those worlds it has conquered have appeared to be left to prosper in the army’s wake, and Shek has been keen to improve infrastructure and rebuild smashed Imperial shrines in the name of Chaos.

The Perfect Voice employs many traitor Imperial Guard regiments, battleships and even has its own clergy the ‘Wordsmiths’ who spread their religious views and anti-Imperial sentiments throughout the galaxy. The Praetorians are the Perfect Voice’s elite fighting force, leading their armies across battlefields the sector wide. The Praetorians’ secret agents have been found on worlds as far as Acreage, Iocanthus, Malfi and even Scintilla however, seeking to undo the cause of Imperial might. Haumanor Shek

The Perfect Voice desires the fall of Imperial rule across the sector and has been known to ally themselves with others seeking the same goal. Xenos races such as Dark Eldar or Tau have allied themselves temporarily with the Perfect Voice to co-ordinate attacks. Chillingly, organisations within the Imperium such as the Logicians or even certain Xanthite or Istvaanian Inquisitors have been declared Excommunicate Traitoris for associated with the Perfect Voice. Despite the warnings from the Ecclesiarchy and the purging from the Inquisition, more and more worlds are beginning to renounce their loyalty to the Emperor.

Perfect Voice

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