Session 1 Evidence

Evidence gained from Helena’s interrogation:

  • Dr. Mortimer was training her to be his PA. He didn’t let her in on any specific plans.
  • She was sleeping with Mortimer to further her own career. She knows she is a terrible Medicae and hasn’t practiced for years. Her father thinks she is receiving personal tutelage from Mortimer due to her talents. In truth, she used her skills to network and make contacts for him. Among those contacts was Chord Luntz- a narcoganger who would distribute the goods that he and the Churgeon produced. Helena would often distribute the drugs (disguised in holy texts and scriptures) to Universitariat students at parties she arranged.
  • Helena would often meet with a man in black armour. She never saw his face but he used a code phrase to identify himself “Echoes of the past reforged”. Mortimer said he was a member of the ‘Crucible’. The other members all wore the same armour and were well armed and had black helicopters and roadwheelers.
  • Mortimer was part of a group called the Logicians and he said he was leaving for a planet called Cindar. He said the Logicians were planning something big there and he had to go oversee it. Helena wasn’t to join him because it was too dangerous but when they were done he was going to send her the location of his next destination so she could be with him.

    Evidence gained from Luntz’ interrogation:

  • Luntz admits to smuggling drugs to and from the Churgeon, but explains that he bugged out when he realised she was up to some dark things in the Alms House (hence why he helped the acolytes in the first place). He knows nothing of what she was up to beyond that.
  • Luntz said that he was to hide the drugs for the Universitariat and certain other places within holy books (that he had never heard of but then he wasn’t much of a book-learner). He was told to cut out specific pages, maybe as some sort of code for the recipient? Luntz has provided an example book.
  • Luntz explains that on one of the last few shipments, Mortimer asked him for help getting off world. Luntz put Mortimer in touch with Razael, a local narcogang lord who runs the Eclipse Nightclub in inner Angel Aria. Apparently Mortimer was heading to a planet called Cindar and didn’t want to be tracked.
  • Luntz has agreed to set the acolytes a meeting with Razael in order to attempt to sneak aboard Sybas Moran’s final shipment to Cindar (the shipment that Moran himself was supposed to be aboard).

    Evidence gained from Moran’s interrogation:

  • Sybas is a collector of antiques (like many Scintillan nobles) and exotic pistols.
  • When his brother, Zane wanted Sybas to join his organisation the Logicians, Zane sent Sybas a collection of rare exotic pistols (catalogued below) as a bribe. These apparently came from the Logicians’ armoury on Cindar.
  • Zane and his associate Dr. Mortimer are currently on Cindar overseeing a big plan for the Logicians, Sybas was due to join them on a shipment tomorrow at midnight.
  • Sybas knowingly loaned the Tantalus Combine Alms House in Coscarla to Dr. Mortimer who in turn moved the Churgeon and her secret lab in and began her work.

    Evidence and items recovered from Sybas Moran’s Museum of Apostasy and his person:
    (after being evaluated and assessed by Verispex Adepts)

  • Dark Eldar Splinter Pistol
  • Eldar Shuriken Pistol
  • Tau Pulse Pistol
  • Boltpistol (used by Commissar Gild during the Lugg City Massacres to execute over a hundred of his own men)
  • Best Quality Long Las with several scratched Xs in the stock, that was used by a Cadian sniper to slay the Seigemaster during the Gunmetal Uprising.
  • Laspistol with a stock made from Nalwood, a rare wood from the lost planet of Tanith
  • Best quality sword (primitive)

  • Cloak made from the hide of a Cruorian War Beast that functions as a Good Quality Mesh Combat Cloak
  • A clay brick made of mud from Holy Terra
  • A single spent boltgun shell fired from a Black Templars Space Marine’s weapon
  • A fine chrono depicting an ancient and fading symbol on a thin titanium chain with an Auspex built into it. Records show that the symbol was once used by the Ordo Chronos of the Inquisition.
  • 3 doses of Spook
  • Multiple false Cognomen
  • Mesh-lined ermine robe (Arms 4/Body 4, expensive looking)

  • Sybas Moran’s Dataslate
  • In Defence of the Future: A Logical Discourse
  • Liber Ex Mentis (forbidden tome on Daemonology)
  • The Path of Light (The musings on faith by Sister of Battle Palatine Selera. This small, unassuming, leather bound journal was transcribed from the original text and will be valued by members of the Ecclesiarchy)
  • Session 1 Evidence

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