Tantalus Combine

Tantalus combine symbol The Tantalus Combine, a longstanding cartel of several Houses Minoris of the Sibellan nobility has seen a drastic decline in its fortunes over the last decade. Its fall from power has been brought on by hostile competition from the SkaelenHar Hegemony and severe damage to its
assets and prestige endured during the period of intrigues and vendettas known popularly as
the “Vthorran Promenades” [cert.ref: Activities of the Lucid Court].

The Tantalus Combine is a multi-discipline company, dealing in everything from food manufacture to interstellar transport.

Since the crash of Tantalus’ profits, the resulting effects on several districts of Hive Sibellus and Hive Tarsus, formerly under the Combine’s sway, have been profound. In the Coscarla Division where Tantalus was the majority power, the Combine has sold on the indenture contracts of thousands of skilled workers and the labour force that remains now works only to meet their master’s debts.

As a result, whole swathes of families have been uprooted or have deserted from the district,
thus the effective economic and monetary input to the region is now negligible.
The Tantalus Combine is suffering a long, drawn out death and is kept going only by its own
fading inertia and the legal wrangling over the disposition of its carcass. It has ceased to
exist effectively as a cohesive organisation or political entity.

The director of the Tantalus Combine is Sybas Moran. Despite the severe losses the company has made over the past few years, the Tantalus Combine still exists, and Moran is still at the helm. Many speculate over how this could be possible and suggest that illegal dealings could be going on behind the Combine’s closed doors.

Tantalus Combine

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