The Apostasy Gambit

Arrival at Cindar

The Acolytes finally make it to Cindar. They have to deal with the vortex bomb in the hold before eventually landing and finding their contact: Octus

Summary of Key Information gained during this session:

  • The mysterious device in the hold of the Illustrious Sailor is a Vortex Bomb.
  • The Skorn troopers in the hold were ensuring its’ safe delivery to Cindar but Trooper Bruul (the only survivor) refused to give any details about the mission. Tech-Priest Krieger was also likely involved.
  • The Skorn 158th Grenadiers are a very pious unit, seemingly gaining their faith recently during the warzone on Veneris where they were witness to a ‘miracle’.
  • This miracle apparently consisted of their Commanding Officer being ‘empowered’ by St. Drusus himself and leading the unit to victory where defeat was almost a certainty.
  • Ishta suspected that General Ramirez may have been this Commanding Officer but Bruul wouldn’t give the man’s name, swearing to be on a holy mission from ‘the Emperor himself’ and that he must keep it a secret. Regardless, the group now suspects that the Logicians have subverted control of the 158th using their faith against them.
  • The group’s contact on Cindar is a Tech-Priest named Octus (also an Interrogator in the Inquisition). He was made aware of the acolytes’ coming but not their mission. When asked, he didn’t know of the (possible) Logician presence on Cindar but was very angry at the idea of it.
  • Octus and Inquisitor Torquatus agreed to help the acolytes in their mission

    Finally translating into realspace at Cindar, the Illustrious Sailor over-shot the distance due to the lack of a Tech-Priest in the engine room and found itself in high orbit within Cindar’s atmosphere! Some sort of virus had infected the ship’s cogitator banks and had taken control of the ship, locking out all manual controls as well as external vox systems. The ship was heading at full speed towards Bastion Station (an orbital defence platform) and Vladimir couldn’t change the course due to the lock out.

    In order to regain control, the crew had to shut off all power to the ship. Able lead the crew to an airlock where they could repel any boarders. When they re-started the power, the engines were still offline but all other systems were operational.

    And the bomb’s timer had started counting down.

    Scrambling to alert stations, the crew (and acolytes) had to deal with a number of different crises at once:
  • Disarming the bomb
  • Re-starting the engines in order to move the ship to the designated co-ordinates to avoid being blown up
  • Interacting with the Station crew over the vox to try and buy more time
  • Defend the ship from CAF (Cindar Air Force) fighters who were strafing the hull
  • Stop Trooper Bruul (who had escaped and was running around the ship with a shotgun trying to stop his mission from being ruined).

    With an impressive streak of luck, Lazarus managed to talk the station down long enough for Enoch and Able to restart the ship’s engines and Vladimir began maneuvering to safety. Ishta also managed to disassemble the Vortex Bomb to prevent it from exploding- the timer permanently stuck at 00:59:06 (59 seconds) showing just how close they all came to oblivion. Krell chased after Bruul but it was Able and Enoch who talked him down and disarmed him.

    Deciding that they didn’t want to stick around and wait for the customs officials to find them, the acolytes donned the Skorn troopers’ Grav Chutes (along with the still captive Trooper Bruul) and leapt from the Illustrious Sailor into Cindar’s atmosphere.

    On the ground, the acolytes managed to hitch a ride into the outskirts of Castellon, the capital city on Cindar where they disguised themselves as civilians, knifed poor Trooper Bruul (dumping his body in a dumpster) and caught the mono-rail into central Castellon.

    Eventually finding their way to the Dressic district of the city, the acolytes met with their contact: Octus and discussed their plans. Octus welcomed them to his super secret base and introduced them to Inquisitor Torquata.
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