The Apostasy Gambit

Investigations Begin

The Acolytes run an errand for Octus while planning their first moves, but begin to doubt the Interrogator's motives.

Summary of Key Information gained during this session:

  • Zane Moran is on Cindar after all and has infiltrated the Castellon Magistratum as their new Marshall!
  • Zane is going by the alias of Marshall Creighton Ptolar
  • The Phel√≥sip Sindaril are active once more on Cindar and are suspected of being responsible for the bombing at Bricelle Hill.
  • Judging by the Magistratum’s response time to the incident, it is suspected that someone tipped them off to the attack.
  • Octus has a copy of ‘A Logical Discourse’ at his base in Dressic.
  • The distribution of the false ‘Path of Light’ books is already heavily underway in Castellon.
  • The crew of the Illustrious Sailor have gone missing.
  • Some of the acolytes have began to suspect Octus and Inquisitor Torquata.
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