Session EXP: This will be awarded to each player who attends a particular session. Generally this will be between 50 and 200 EXP depending on the difficulty of the combats and the amount of story progression.

Roleplay EXP: This will be awarded to the player(s) whom I deem to have provided particularly good/entertaining roleplay. If you don’t get a roleplay bonus that isn’t to say you roleplayed badly, just that the person(s) who did got noticed more.

OP Update: If you write a character journal/log entry for the previous session, you’ll get 25EXP. If you update the wiki beyond just your own character (eg writing up pages about planets/people/items etc) you’ll get extra EXP.

Transcript: In order to reward the time and effort that goes into writing the weekly Vox transcript, whoever writes it will gain an additional 25EXP on top of anything else gained.

Bonus: This is awarded for an achievement which doesn’t fit into the above categories, for example pulling an amazing play out of nowhere, owning a boss single handed in a fight or figuring out the plot/secrets etc ahead of schedule.

I’m going to try and keep a log on this page from now on about how much EXP is earned each session in case character sheets get Trowelled or information is otherwise lost.

Krell Able Enoch Ishta Lazarus
EXP gained during prologue 2000 2000 1800 2000 2000
EXP gained session 1 and 2 300 350 375 350 325
EXP gained session 3 150 200 175 225 175
EXP gained session 4 150 200 50 200 175
EXP gained session 5 100 75 0 75 75
EXP gained session 6 125 100 0 125 100
EXP gained session 7 150 175 150 150 175
EXP gained session 8 25 50 25 0 25
Total EXP 3000 3150 2575 3125 3050


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